Wednesday, September 16, 2020

monday 21st

hello scouts
disclaimer: the plan may have changed form what it was earlier.

this email is directed to people who have a part in the upcoming meeting. For starters, Jack would you mind doing flag calling? we are in need of a caller. Mr. Blincow could you ask Braden to grab tents form the scout locker. Owen, For the group instruction, would you please come up with a speech about what goes into a good menu. I was thinking about you talking about my plate and maybe throw out some ideas for menu items. Gabriel can you help instuct people on how to set up a tent correctly with guide lines? Matthew are you still able to help teach people how to set up dinning flies. Kai could you please help with alternate shelters? I can and will try to instruct the patrol leaders on how to handle the game Blindfolded tent set up.
Isaac Moe Spl

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