Monday, September 14, 2020

Court of honor tonight in the time of COVID

Good evening Troop,

We are excited to celebrate our FIRST Court of Honor this year! We will start at 6pm TONIGHT at Vadnais Sucker Lake Regional Park

The Masters of Ceremony have worked hard to design a program that will recognize our scouts' accomplishments in these unprecedented times while keeping us all safe and healthy.

We are modelling this on the Music in the Park that several cities have done and our Campout where we camped by patrol.
The keys are keeping our distance and keeping groups from mingling.

To that end, We as that you observe the following:
1) If you have symptoms or were potentially exposed, Please do NOT attend. We'll miss you but it's the responsible thing to do
2) Masks are Mandatory
3) SeatingBy Patrol in Family groups: Bring a chair, we're spreading out. We ask that each family sit together and that you leave 6 - 10 feet between family groups.
The Patrols Family groups will be seated separately and spread out. This may cause some issues with reading the slides, but you know what they say, listen to the presenter, don't read the slide anyway.
The B-P (1st years) and Cowboy (6+ Years) Patrols and their families will sit Stage Left near the playground.
The Some Scouts (2-3rd years) Patrol and their families will sit in the Middle near the parking lot / sidewalk
The Ball Patrol Scouts (4-5 years) and their families will sit Stage Right
4) Food and Drink (Why wasn't this first, right?)
We are NOT providing drinks. Please bring your own beverage
Snacks Mrs. Higley and Mrs. Arndt have arranged for individually wrapped treats at the end. Please pick them up individually when you pick up your awards.
5) Awards: Awards will be arranged on the tables by patrol. When released, please wait for your patrol's turn to be called and then go up individually and pick up your awards.

THANK you for your incredible Scout Spirit and helping all of us to stay safe

Mr. Blincow

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