Monday, August 17, 2020


Hello there scouts,
before we get going tonight a quick word from our sponsors.
From SPL News,
Scouts please remember to bring blue cards, yes I repeat PLEASE BRING YOUR BLUE CARDS.
adults who went to the campout, the troop as a whole could use you to hand in/ sign off on blue cards.

Y O U. W I L L. E V E R. P L A Y.

To participate in this awesome event, you only need to come to Mr. Blincow’s Home of Residence at 7 PM TONIGHT!

If you seek a way of action, bring good running shoes to stay light on your feet. If you seek a way of stealth, bring clothes that can blend in to a woodsy area. If you seek a way of pursuing, bring running shoes, pants, and a good eye.

Things for everyone to bring are clothes you don’t especially like, as they WILL get burs on them or get muddy. Wear your class B, but be prepared to take it off.
Adults bring camping chairs as I have a special job for you.
Also bring bug spray, as we don’t want anyone to get murdered by mosquitoes.
Until we meet again,
-The Gamemaster
(Secretly Jack but the above is cooler)

And don’t worry about rules, I already have a way to show them.
Mr. Blincow’s house is at
2910 Hamline Avenue North
Roseville, MN 55113
7-8-9 PM

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