Sunday, August 16, 2020

Please Return Troop Merit badge books and camping gear

Hello Scouts, Scouters and Parents!
I am asking all to please look through your book shelves, Under your beds ;) for any mertit badge books! We have many missing from our library. The troop has purchased several over the last few years, (many are the eagle required). We would like to keep this an option for all current and future scouts!
We had 28 scouts attend Tomahawk the first week of August. If you used any scouting gear please bring it to the meeting on Monday at Mr Blincows.! I you have happened to clean out your garage during Covid and have found any other equipment from previous camp out....Tarps, Tents, Cooler oct please bring those along too! ( we seem to be missing all our tarp. The last time they were used was at the cave campout in Nov. 2019...
Thank you for checking. It truly makes scouting affordable for all when we keep cost down and don't have to purchase new supplies!

Looking forward to another great year of scouting growth in 2020. We are on track in Nomahawk was any indication!

Reminder, at the last Parent meeting Court of Honor was changed to Sept 14th. Stay tuned for more details!!!

Yours in scouting,

Anne Moe

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