Monday, August 31, 2020


Hello troop
After a successful PLC here is a we planned for the future.
Here are dates for cycling MB
Sat, Sept 12, 9am start, 15 miles
Sun, Sept 20, 3pm, 15 miles
Sat, Sept 26, 9am - noon, 25 miles
Fri, Oct 16, 9am - noon, 25 miles
Sat, Oct 31, 8am - 3pm, 50 miles
A second adult will be needed for each ride.

Here's what we discussed a campout looking like
Monday before campout:
PL / Grubmaster: Lead patrol in planning menu.
Menu approved with SPL - check for MyPlate and Cooking Theme if any
Grubmaster gathers recipes and makes shopping list
Friday of Camp: 6pm
Grubmaster get food bin and shop from troop pantry
GM collects $$ from Patrol members for food
GM for each patrol and 1 ASM go to Target / Cub to shop for food
Troop QM supervises gear checkout
Patrol QMs check out Patrol gear
Patrol PLs record who has which tent and gear
Patrols pack trailers
SPL checs attendance. Troop meets GMs at Target / Cub
Troop Caravans to camp
SPL, ASPL, PLs, SM, ASMs survey sites and assign spaces
PLs and Patrol QMs supervise patrol unloading and site setup
PLs assign Patrol duty rosters
SPL reviews agenda with PLs
Individual Advancement with ASMs / MB Advisors
Patrol Cracker Barrel
Patrol Time until bed
(Activity time should be no more than an hour each but likely 45 minutes for boredom / attention reasons)
Activity 1 (Example Dining Fly setup, Tent / Alternative Shelter setup)
Activity 2 (Example Fire Building. 10 minutes discussion, 20 minutes gather supplied, 15 minutes light fire and demonstrate skill)
Activity 3 (Example Setup of Camp Chef, Coleman, Light Weight Stove)
Activity 4 (Example First Aid)
Free Time
Individual Advancement with ASMs / MB Advisors
Free Time
Patrol Cracker Barrel
Campsite Cleanup and Inspection
Troop site teardown
Patrol Site Teardown
Individual Teardown
Trailer Packed
Police Line / Cleanup
Return to St O

Isaac Moe SPL

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