Saturday, July 4, 2020

SIGNUP NOW! Summer Camp is coming up FAST! Deposit Due 07/06

Are you going to join us for SUMMER CAMP Aug 1-6?

I know it's hard to believe but Our Adventure camp at Fred C Anderson begins in less than a month!
Aug 1-6, $225 ($125 if not Ziplining), $100 Deposit due ASAP. (Contact Mr. Moore about scout account balance)

Mr. Blincow will lead the High Ropes / Zip Line Trek.
Mrs. Moore has committed to lead our Canoe Trek
Mr. Colby is tentative as our Bike Trek leader
FOOD: We will need a couple adults to help Mr. Bailey with food (Cooking MB Scouts will want to begin planning menus ASAP)
We will need 1-2 adults per campsite.

Scouts: Are you interested in Cooking(4+), Family Life(4+), Camping, Citizenship in the Community, Nation, World? Let us know ASAP.
Cycling MB: Mr. Colby is considering Cycling Merit Badge depending on interest. We have an option for 10, 15, 25 mile rides to the capitol as a group and a 50 MILER for those wanting the MB!

Illness / Symptoms / Exposure: We know that we can count on our scout families to Stay home and report if they have any exposure or symptoms. We will refund fees.
OUTDOORS! Scouting is OUTDOORS which means FUN and it cuts down on risks.
Social Distancing: We will Camp in separate campsites by age group to facilitate social distancing. Brownseas, 2-3rd Years, 4-5th Years, Cowboys (6+) with 1-2 Adults per campsite.
Tenting: We will be SINGLE TENTING. Bring your own tent , use a Troop Tent, or Hammock / other shelter setup with SPL/SM approval
Masks: Each scout and adult will be required to bring 3+ clean masks to use during the week. We will be using masks when cooking, and when in close proximity. (Ex: Driving)
Transportation: We will need to carpool by patrol (wearing masks and NOT packing vehicles):
Canoeing (30 minutes to Launch)
Biking (45 minutes back from Capitol)
Zip Line (1:30 each way)
CONTINGENCY: If there were a step back due to Covid, we would do day trips instead of camping. This would require parents to drop their scouts off early each day and pick them up late evening.

Mr. Blincow

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