Friday, June 19, 2020

Parent/ Committee mtg 9626 6/22/20 @ 730 pm

Hello Parents and Scouters

Please join us for our parent/committee meeting on Monday 6/20/20 at 730 pm. Zoom meeting link;

PLC will meet in person at Mr. Blincow’s at 630

We will be discussing the following items
• Summer Plans
o Adult leadership needs for age-based patrols to make it work
o Youth Protection training needed for these leaders/helpers- this can be done through the BSA web page (
• Recharter fees- Due Sept 1st
o Counsel fees $180 (this has been set by the Counsel and will be paid on line by each family)
 Friends of Scout (voluntary contributions) goal was not met for this year and troop will now pay all awards and rank advancement. Moving forward this program has been removed and replaced with the flat fee above. $20.00 from the flat fee will go into a troop fund for awards.
o Troop fees $70 1st scout/$35 each additional scout this will be paid directly to the troop (our previous rate was $67 for 1st scout/$35 each additional-this rate had not changed for many years)
 This fee covers equipment, merit badge materials as needed, gas for campouts and subsidizes adult leaders cost who attend the campouts.
 It has previously covered adult leader recharter fees, but we are accepting if leaders wish to cover their costs to help reduce troop overhead.
 This fee is set by the previous year’s wreath sales/fundraisers. It will be important for us to keep our cost down that every scout to sell wreaths; more to come in the near future on wreath sales.

It is vital to our program that we have as many parents that can. It will take the village to keep scouting going.
Also, please remember we are still looking for a new Scout Master starting June of 2021. If you have any interest, please reach out to Mr. Blincow. I would hate to see such a successful troop disperse due to lack of leadership….
We will also be looking for a new Crew leader. Mr. Nussbaum has gone above and beyond in serving our troop as a Crew leader since his role as Scoutmaster. Thank you for your Service Gary! We have prospered with your commitment to our troop!
If there is a position you are interested in, please reach out to myself for Committee positions, or Karen or Paul for Scout facing positions. Recruit your friends and fellow parents to ensure the success of this awesome program. Troop 626 has been blessed by many continuing to give to scouting; lets continue the tradition and opportunity for our youth!
The BSA suggests that positions are not held for more than 3 years in each position. This to make sure that the parents are committed to the success of their youth. Thank you for the for your reflection to see if a position in the troop is right for you. Every worthy cause requires a time commitment to ensure success.

Anne Moe
Committee Chair 626

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