Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tomahawk Update and Committee Meeting discussion tonight focusing on camping this summer

Good morning Scouters and Parents!

We are looking forward to seeing you at tonight’s adult Committee Meeting beginning at 1930 hrs. following the PLC.

As Mrs. Moe outlined in her email, we would like to discuss what the camping landscape looks like this summer. For Tomahawk specifically, the latest guidance we have is from May 21st. In a nutshell, the program is changing and continues to evolve given COVID-19 guidance and recommendations for operating youth camps. Highlights below; link to original document at bottom. We expect new guidance from Tomahawk following Gov. Walz updates later this week, hopefully.

--- Tomahawk closed until July 5
--- Once it opens, campsites are to be split into individual sections housing no more than 10 participants (8 youth, 2 adults, most likely)
--- Tomahawk is encouraging all participants to either tent with a member of their household or by themselves.
--- Camp schedule changed to Sunday to Saturday vice Saturday to Saturday to allow time for cleaning and sanitation of camp
--- No large assemblies or campfires (replaced with unit-level versions in the troop campsite)
--- ***Older Scout Programs and Merit Badge offerings are being re-worked and re-defined by the Tomahawk staff.*** New guidance is expected on May 29th.
--- Dining Hall closed; all cooking to be done in camp
--- Tomahawk is asking those with serious underlying medical conditions as outlined by thge CDC to not attend camp for their own safety this summer.

You can read the latest update here

Sabina Hashmi
Tomahawk Coordinator

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