Saturday, May 2, 2020

Monday 5/4/20

Hello scouters,
after we received the news about the shelter in place order I thought we could all use some uplifting news, and whats better then MORE merit badges to earn. Before I hear groans I will remind you about your power in the troop to tell your patrol leaders what you want to do in the future. So, Monday we will have a surprise appearance by 3 of your leaders, Mr. Blincow who will be performing Camping MB, Mrs. Hashmi informing us of Citizenship in the World, and Mr. Donato discussing Nation. Also for those of you looking for your regularly scheduled Cit in the Community Mrs. Moe will be hosting that MB as well.
Now a short message from each regarding the price of entry. (pre-reqs)
1.) Camping
Familiar with the Requirements
Be Prepared! Be Complete! Show your awesome Scout Experience!
I highly suggest that scouts review the Scoutmaster Bucky preparation pages:
My goal would be to work on 1-3. The scouts should complete 4-5 and submit it to me via email, zoom meeting, video, or however they like.
Mr. Blincow
2.) World
I would like Scouts taking this MB to have read through the Citizenship in the World MB reference book; if they don't have it, they can download an Amazon Kindle edition:
Cit World book:
3.) Nation
For Cit of Nation I would like them to have completed:
Requirement 3, find a speech for 6, and have read to discus items in 4, and 5. Also look up the two senators and a member of the House that is their representative. If you would like to do Photography, Architecture, Drafting, or Sustainability let me know.
Cit Nation Book:
4.) Community
please do 2,5
Preview attachment Citizenship in the Community Merit Badge Pamphlet_rot.pdfCitizenship in the Community Merit Badge Pamphlet_rot.pdfShared in Drive
Please fill your answers in on the attached Google Form before Monday
To get started on Citizenship in the Community Merit badge, You will need to review the Download Link for Merit Badge Pamphlet:
Isaac Moe SPL

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