Monday, May 4, 2020

Merit Badges tonight, Class B's and Adults needed in the audience

Good evening!
IT'S CLASS B SEASON! First, the important stuff: Isaac has decreed it Class B T-Shirt Season!

ADULTS NEEDED TONIGHT: can you stick around during the meeting and attend on a device separate from your scout to help with 2 deep leadership in all the rooms.

MERIT BADGES: You may be wondering about the FOUR Merit badge offerings tonight ... The idea is that if you already have one of them, you could work on one of the others. So, if you started on Cit Comm last time, you would continue that until done and then move on. We plan to offer these ongoing until most scouts have had an opportunity to work on them.
What if I want to work ahead? What if I already have stuff done? GREAT! contact the counselor and set up time to review outside of meetings!

Mr. Blincow

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