Monday, May 4, 2020

Eagle MB Challenge for the Cowboy Patrol

Hello, Cowboy patrol. Scouting continues, even with Social Distancing. Please consider taking the time to join the Virtual Troop meetings and show your support for our new youth leadership. There are a number of Eagle required MBs being offered at the meetings. If you have not started any of those that are being offered, I encourage you to begin them. If you have started them, you can make arrangements to schedule web meetings to review your progress with the counselors outside of meetings to get them signed off on.

May Eagle Coach challenge – Mr. Blincow has been challenging Scouts while in our stay at home order and I have a challenge specifically for your patrol. Many of you have started but not completed multiple Eagle MBs over the years. My challenge for you is to create a log or spreadsheet with a comprehensive list of Eagle MBs you have started and which requirements you still need to complete. Find all your Blue Cards or look at what is posted in Scoutbook for you. Double check those recorded requirements with any workbooks you have with work you’ve completed, but haven’t gotten sign off on. Make note of MBs you’ve started, but no longer have a Blue Card for and may need to review with a counselor to receive credit for prior work. The goal is to develop a checklist of items you can work on that consolidates the effort into one place. For items you need to complete, make notes for the more significant items that may have a time component or will require more effort than others. The idea is that this is a ready made checklist for you to prioritize your effort this spring and summer and to help communicate with us as Eagle Coaches. When you finish your list, please share it with your parents and your leaders.

Summer backup plans: Those who were heading to NOAC this summer have already had that cancellation announcement. We will know more about Philmont and Tomahawk, likely by the end of the month. But, there may be a ways for smaller, patrol sized, groups to be able to get out and camp this summer. Remember, this is your program. If you are interested in getting together and having your own adventure, communicate with one another come up with an idea. We will do our best as parents and leaders to help you make it happen. You have a number of resources available and enthusiastic leaders who can help you plan and carry out your goals.

I hope to see you at tonight’s meeting. Isaac Moe (SPL) and Matthew Higley (ASPL), would welcome your support.

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