Sunday, April 5, 2020

MEETING (Monday, 04/06/20)

Good morning, everyone! Next week we will do our best to have our first normal meeting. As a lot of elements are different and we may need you to have certain items prepared, please read the rest of this email carefully.

First Years/Brownseas: You are working on requirements for rank advancement and your Troop Guides are requesting that you have the following with you during the meeting: Paracord, a knife, a lighter and an adult to supervise.

Older Scouts: There will be an ‘Eagle’s Nest’ with Mr. Bailey and others to help and answer questions regarding rank advancement, your Eagle Projects and other inquiries you may have.

Everyone Else: The Ten Essentials are an important thing to have, whether the purpose is to save someone’s life or protect yourself from sunburn. During the meeting we’re going to review them and their purpose so you can be more prepared when life flings all it’s got at you.

If any of you have questions please don’t hesitate to reply to this email or contact any adult necessary.

Thank you very much for regarding this email, and have an awesome day!

PLC Staff

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