Monday, April 13, 2020

George Franklin Eagle Project - Volunteers Needed

My name is George Franklin, a Life scout looking for six volunteers for my Eagle Scout Project. Do not worry if leaving the house is an issue, as this project be done at your house (details further down the email). Please take some time to read this email and consider volunteering your time to my project.

What is my project?

In our community, police sometimes must visit a home to respond to a domestic disturbance. Sometimes this happens with young children in the home. Police find it helpful to give something to those children because they may be shocked or frightened. For my Eagle Scout project, I will lead six scouts to make a total of 300 individual relief bags that boys and girls can receive to tend to this need.

Many soothing and practical items for the children will go into these bags. The bags contain mini beach balls, coloring books, beanie babies, and many more comforting items. These bags will be donated and delivered to the Ramsey County Sheriff’s Office.

How do I volunteer?

All of my project materials are placed in six different bins, each bin containing 50 bags, not yet made. A volunteer will be asked to receive one of these bins and put together the unmade 50 bags. An instruction list is attached on the outside of the bin. This list contains a step by step guide of how to put the bags together. See photos of the materials inside of the bins and bins themselves attached.

How can I Sign up?

Volunteers will be asked to receive one of these bins and assemble them at their homes. I have created a signup genius, which is first-come, first-serve. This signup genius is active, so make sure to sign up fast before all six spots are taken.

This signup genius will ask which day, time and place you would like to receive a bin, as well as give back the completed bin. Please request a date to receive this project before or on April 17th, and give back this project before or on April 24th.

Safety Concerns?

I have left my project bins to sit in the garage for the past three days (killing the virus if it exists).

Wear gloves whenever touching the bins, I will deliver them without the chance of contamination. The volunteers will also be asked to wear gloves when assembling the bags (gloves are taped onto the outside of the bins).

Final remarks

Please do not hesitate to email me for questions and I will get back to you within the day:

Sign up genius link is below:

Thank you for your support.

George Franklin
Troop 9626

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