Monday, March 9, 2020

Urban Adventure Shadows Needed

Good afternoon Scouter adults

We need volunteers to act as “SHADOWS” for our scouts this March 28th.

What is a shadow? A shadow is a part of the scout team that runs the race with the scouts. You are the link that sends and receives information to and from the race masters so the scout team can run a safe and fast race.

Safety is our first concern, so we will start with a requirement that any volunteer must have Youth Protection training within the last two years. We will be hosting a training session on March 23rd at St O's if you need it
You can print that form from scout book. We will also have a special safety briefing to be sure all shadows have the goals and information of the troop so they can help ensure a successful run.

Please sign up to the signup below. We will need at least 6 shadows, and possibly as many as 8.

Thank you.

Josh Donato

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