Monday, March 9, 2020

Urban Adventure Campout

Good Morning Parents and Scouters,

March 27 Adventure Race information.
First we have a change of program. We will be running the race as a day Race.

Race information:
Begins March 28th at 0800
Ends March 28th at 5pm
Adjusted Cost: $25.
7 dollars for adventure pass, 10 back to scouts for them to purchase lunch, and 8 dollars for cracker barrel and end of adventure hot chocolate
We will meet at 0800 at the new football stadium on Snelling. At Snelling and 94. We will have our scout flags in place for the race location and end.
The race will end at the same place it began at 5pm

It is imperative you sign up.
Once I have a list of signups be able to take down the teams. If you have not identified a team, that is ok. Lots of scouts do not have a team yet. If you are not in a team at the time of the race you will be assigned a team. Everyone will be in a team. This is a team race.

It is imperative you sign up ASAP.

Gear you will need for the Race:
You will need good shoos, Your Class “A”s, $25 in 2-$10 and one $5 increments, and a rain coat in a backpack.
- In your back pack, I recommend you also bring gloves, a hat, Water, and a first aid kit.

Again it is imperative you sign up, so we can get organized.

Thank you, the Camping Coordinators.

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