Sunday, March 8, 2020

MEETING (Monday, March 9th)

Good morning, all! This next meeting is a bit more fun and games (quite literally) as a lot of Scouts and Leaders are gone for Spring Break in the month of March. For those of you who are here, we are having a game meeting. Everyone feel free to bring all your most awesome games (Magic, Whoonu, Monopoly, etc.) for an awesome time. We will also try to go outside to play some tag to make up for what we didn’t do last week.

Mrs. Rafter has also secured the gym during the meeting for all first years (and anyone else who needs it) to get their initial or end requirements done for Personal Fitness Merit Madge. We place special emphasis on first years to be there, as the merit badge does take a while and this is the perfect opportunity to get a good start on it.

We hope all of you can be there to play some games and test your stamina-

PLC Staff

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