Monday, March 2, 2020

MEETING (03/02/20)

Good morning, all! Tonight’s meeting is a very important one, as Mrs. Hashmi will be explaining Tomahawk Scout Camp and their list of activities. If any of you plan to go (we hope all of you because that camp is awesome) Mrs. Hashmi will be explaining the works at the meeting. Mr. Blincow will also be conducting an activity that focuses on First-Aid; it is spring now, we will be going outside more often. We have also realised that we’ve just been held up sitting in the cafeteria for two months, so everyone needs to bring their jackets and a good pair of shoes that could easily be used in the snow, because we’re doing some stuff outside! This will wake you all up better than eating a lot of sugar, so be ready for it. BE PREPARED for the outdoors, especially as Mr. Blincow’s talking about First-Aid. We hope to see you all there-
PLC Staff

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