Monday, February 17, 2020

Volunteerism & Stewardship (9626)

Hello Scouting families
We live in a crazy fast paced world! The more conveniences we have the more we try to pack activities
I know many families volunteer outside of scouting and that is AMAZING; Thank you for your service.
I know many families are required to put in “Volunteer hours” for sport programs and activities in which their children participate.

I am asking each family to reflect on the number of service hours they donate to scouting each year. Most ranks require a minimum of 6 hours per rank because Service is part of the scouting Motto…. “Do a Good Turn Daily”
What benefits does your scout get from scouting?
Leadership? Self Confidence? Personal Growth? Friendship? Outdoor skills?
St Odilia’s parish provides the following for 626
• Minimum 3 rooms each week for meeting time- Approximate Cost $12000.00/year. (this is calculated at $50/hour/room at the Shoreview community center)
• A storage room for our equipment- Approximate cost $250/month=$3000.00 (based on a 20x15 storage rental)
• A place to store our trailers-
• Men’s club provides scouts for hire for our Crew and Troop. To off-set individual camping expenses
• Women’s Club makes a yearly donation to offset out overhead expenses
• Based on our troop size this is a $200.00 value /scout from St Odilia
St Odilia’s sole purpose in supporting our troop is the BSA is a Great outlet for youth to develop necessary skills to lead a successful life.

What our Troops and Crew Receive from St Odilia exceeds what our own scouts brought in to the troop in wreath sales this year. The bottom line is the cost would go up significantly for each scout to participate in this program without the community of St Odilia’s support.

This is NOT about Religion. You do not need to be Catholic to be part of 626. 626 historically has had a large number of scouts from the parish. As word got out about how amazing our program is the demographics have changed some and we have fewer scouts from the parish. This is about continuing our successful Scouting program and showing our gratitude to our Charter Organization.
I am asking each family to reflect and see if they are able to free a few hours each year (3-4hours/scout) to give back to our Charter Organization. I know several families already do this- Thank you!
4 hours/scout is approximately 280 hours of service opportunity each year.
Service opportunities to show our gratitude are
Fall Festival (1.5 days)
Coffee and Donuts (3-4/year)
Men’s club Fish Fry (scouts for hire)
Men’s club Pancake Breakfast (scouts for hire)
Women’s Club Sales (3-4/year)
Musical ushering

Thank you for your reflection and supporting your scout by providing them the opportunity to live the scout Motto.
If you have questions please feel free to email me

Mrs Moe

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” Gandhi

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