Wednesday, February 12, 2020

scoutbook access. Updates needed 9626 leaders

Hello Fellow Leaders
Please go under the home page to select the troop(s) and or crew you are associated with, then scroll down under the patrols and select the troop roster. Select your name and then update. This will connect you with all the new scouts under your admin rights that are related to your current role.
I have removed old people and edited some peoples rights.
If your rights have changed and you need access reinstated, please let me know.
By updating your profile I think this may help fix some of our issues as to why some people do not receive emails.... I think it may have to do with rights associated with a scout because our profiles are not updated each year...
I am keeping my fingers crossed this is the issue!
If you need help I can show you at the next meeting

Thank you!
Anne Moe

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