Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Merit Badge Day (03/14(Details Below))

Good evening, all! We hope you don’t have much to be anxious for, because we have something perfect for you all! On the 14th of Match there will be a Merit Badge day at the TORO company, from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM (morning and afternoon classes). People can take merit badges such as:

Chemistry (AM)
Citizenship in the Nation (AM)(Eagle Req)
Citizenship in the World (AM, PM)(Eagle Req)
Communication (Full Day)(Eagle Req)
Digital Technology (Full Day)
Drafting (AM, PM)
Energy (Full Day)
Engineering (AM, PM)
Farm Mechanics (Full Day)
First Aid (Full Day)(Eagle Req)
Game Design (Full Day)
Landscape Architecture (Full Day)
Metalwork (Full Day)
Nuclear Science (PM)
Photography (AM, PM)
Space Exploration (Full Day)
Wood Carving (Full Day)

If any of you plan on participating in this event, we urge you to visit the link on the bottom of the email, because there’s imperative information on the page that could affect your experience for the better... or worse if you didn’t look at it. You also need to register for the merit badges you want to take (also found on the website). You will find, though, that a lot of them are already sold out (sorry, guys).

The address of the program is: 8111 Lyndale Avenue South, Bloomington, MN. 55420.


We hope you can check it out and participate in some progress! We hope you have a wonderful rest of your week,

Cormac Mc. Sherry, Dante Donato.

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