Friday, February 21, 2020

Live Youth Protection Training at St. O’s March 23 at 6:30pm in St. Odilia School Library

Hello, Scouting 626 families. The safety and well-being of our children is our primary focus as Scouting volunteers. The National BSA as an organization has developed leading requirements and guidelines to keep our children safe. Implementing those guidelines is the responsibility of our leaders and parents at a unit level, first and foremost. We are the adults that our youth interact with at meetings and Scouting activities on a regular basis.

All registered BSA volunteers are required to take the BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT) every 2 years to maintain our registered status. That said, true youth protection can be achieved only through the focused commitment of EVERYONE in Scouting. To that end, it is highly recommended that ALL parents take this training. Michael Johnson, the BSA’s Youth Protection director was quoted on the Scouting Blog that, “The better-educated parents are, the more youth will be protected.”

To help with this effort, we will be offering a live classroom presentation of the BSA’s Youth Protection Training on Monday, March 23rd starting at 6:30pm in the St. Odilia School Library. All parents, regardless of their current or planned involvement in the Scouting program are invited and encouraged to attend. Those who have previously taken YPT whose expiration is in 2020 are also encouraged to attend to renew your status. If it would be helpful, please use the link provided to add this training to your calendar.

To prepare for this training, it will be most effective for all participants to register on and bring your official BSA ID with you to put on the sign in form. That will allow us to record everyone’s participation properly for credit. If you are registering for the first time on, you should use the same email address that you received this email from Scoutbook to keep the systems aligned. You can also download the MyScouting app on your phone to create and maintain your account and find links to other BSA resources.

Note: Once you create a My.Scouting username, that will become your login to Scoutbook rather than your email address once the systems sync. If you later needed to change your email address that these systems use, you would do so on My.Scouting, not Scoutbook.

If you cannot join us for the live training, you are encouraged to view the YPT materials directly on and complete the certification process online on your schedule. The live training is being offered as a convenience and to answer questions that may come up in the training.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mike Bailey
Volunteer Leader for 626 Troops and Crew

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