Monday, February 10, 2020

1st aid kits Money collection and progress check in

Hello Scouts and Parents
I am sending this email to see where you all are with you selling for your first aid kits.
Please bring any checks/money tonight so we can get them deposited.
If you are done selling and have product left please bring back any inventory and Check it in with me this evening.... DO NOT just set them next to me:). Thank you.
Mr Moore will be applying this money to your camp bucks account soon.

If you cannot make the meeting tonight please send me an email (and copy an adult/parent for 2 deep leadership if you are a scout)
please confirm the number of each type of kits you checked out, and number remaining. I want to make sure everyone gets the correct credit for them
We are going to try to reorganize so we can try selling these again this spring.

Thank you!

Mrs Moe
Committee Chair 626

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