Sunday, February 23, 2020

Merit Badge Day (Plus Outside Opportunities)

Hi this is Cormac, the merit badge counselor,

~This coming Saturday the 29th at St. Odilia School in the Cafeteria between 9-12, we will be having a merit badge day and will be working on Citizenship in the World. Have the printout of the merit badge and have the following prepared for discussion:

Formulate written answers for requirements 1 and 2 and be ready for discussion
Review all other requirements and establish a basic understanding of content if needed ((notes are encouraged although not required) it’s essential to the discussion that you do this; otherwise there’s not much to go off of)

~There is a Scoutmaster Bucky merit badge day at Wood Lake Lutheran Church on April 25. The classes are from 8 am to 3:30 pm. Registration opens for it on March 1st. The address is 2120 west 76th street Richfield, MN 55423

The merit badges that are included are the following:

-Game Design
-Signs, signals and codes
-Veterinary medicine
-Animal science
-Athletics and sports
-Automotive maintenance
-Bird study
-Mammal study

~There is also an Alpha Phi Omega Merit badge day which will be on March 28 2020 at the U of M Twin Cities Campus. The morning merit badges will start at 8:30 and the afternoon merit badges will start at 12:30

If you have any questions you may contact Brendan McSherry (to Cormac) via Scoutbook, or you may contact any adult necessary to the situation. We hope all of you can take advantage of what wonderful opportunities there are in terms of merit badges, and we hope to see you all on Saturday-

Cormac McSherry
Dante Donato

Saturday, February 22, 2020

MEETING (Monday, 01/24/20)

Good afternoon all, Monday’s meeting is incredibly important- as sent out earlier, we are having Order of the Arrow elections for a good portion of the meeting; this is where everyone will learn what the OA is and what it actually means to elect someone for the program. During the meeting Scouts will be informed what High Adventure Opportunities are available to them at Tomahawk, and we will also be having a speaker come in and talk about how to deal with unwanted situations on the Metro Transit (courtesy of Mrs. Rafter). We all know it’s a small world, and something will eventually come up on the metro, so why not be prepared for it? We need all of you to attend this meeting, as there is (as there always is) something valuable for you. Have a good rest of your week-

PLC Staff

Friday, February 21, 2020

Troop 626 OA elections Monday 24

Hello scouts!
We are going to be having OA elections this upcoming Monday. We need over half our entire troop there so we can vote. Just a quick reminder, we would like all active members in the OA to wear their sashes. in previous years, we have had a delicious treat of some kind, so that just might be a reason to go.
Will Carrington
Troop 626

Live Youth Protection Training at St. O’s March 23 at 6:30pm in St. Odilia School Library

Hello, Scouting 626 families. The safety and well-being of our children is our primary focus as Scouting volunteers. The National BSA as an organization has developed leading requirements and guidelines to keep our children safe. Implementing those guidelines is the responsibility of our leaders and parents at a unit level, first and foremost. We are the adults that our youth interact with at meetings and Scouting activities on a regular basis.

All registered BSA volunteers are required to take the BSA Youth Protection Training (YPT) every 2 years to maintain our registered status. That said, true youth protection can be achieved only through the focused commitment of EVERYONE in Scouting. To that end, it is highly recommended that ALL parents take this training. Michael Johnson, the BSA’s Youth Protection director was quoted on the Scouting Blog that, “The better-educated parents are, the more youth will be protected.”

To help with this effort, we will be offering a live classroom presentation of the BSA’s Youth Protection Training on Monday, March 23rd starting at 6:30pm in the St. Odilia School Library. All parents, regardless of their current or planned involvement in the Scouting program are invited and encouraged to attend. Those who have previously taken YPT whose expiration is in 2020 are also encouraged to attend to renew your status. If it would be helpful, please use the link provided to add this training to your calendar.

To prepare for this training, it will be most effective for all participants to register on and bring your official BSA ID with you to put on the sign in form. That will allow us to record everyone’s participation properly for credit. If you are registering for the first time on, you should use the same email address that you received this email from Scoutbook to keep the systems aligned. You can also download the MyScouting app on your phone to create and maintain your account and find links to other BSA resources.

Note: Once you create a My.Scouting username, that will become your login to Scoutbook rather than your email address once the systems sync. If you later needed to change your email address that these systems use, you would do so on My.Scouting, not Scoutbook.

If you cannot join us for the live training, you are encouraged to view the YPT materials directly on and complete the certification process online on your schedule. The live training is being offered as a convenience and to answer questions that may come up in the training.

Thank you for your consideration,

Mike Bailey
Volunteer Leader for 626 Troops and Crew

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Merit Badge Day (03/14(Details Below))

Good evening, all! We hope you don’t have much to be anxious for, because we have something perfect for you all! On the 14th of Match there will be a Merit Badge day at the TORO company, from 8:00 AM to 3:30 PM (morning and afternoon classes). People can take merit badges such as:

Chemistry (AM)
Citizenship in the Nation (AM)(Eagle Req)
Citizenship in the World (AM, PM)(Eagle Req)
Communication (Full Day)(Eagle Req)
Digital Technology (Full Day)
Drafting (AM, PM)
Energy (Full Day)
Engineering (AM, PM)
Farm Mechanics (Full Day)
First Aid (Full Day)(Eagle Req)
Game Design (Full Day)
Landscape Architecture (Full Day)
Metalwork (Full Day)
Nuclear Science (PM)
Photography (AM, PM)
Space Exploration (Full Day)
Wood Carving (Full Day)

If any of you plan on participating in this event, we urge you to visit the link on the bottom of the email, because there’s imperative information on the page that could affect your experience for the better... or worse if you didn’t look at it. You also need to register for the merit badges you want to take (also found on the website). You will find, though, that a lot of them are already sold out (sorry, guys).

The address of the program is: 8111 Lyndale Avenue South, Bloomington, MN. 55420.


We hope you can check it out and participate in some progress! We hope you have a wonderful rest of your week,

Cormac Mc. Sherry, Dante Donato.

Monday, February 17, 2020

Meeting tonight Offsite Field Trip 6:40-7:40 PM

Field trip This Monday!
Feb 17 6:40-7:40 PM
1810 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis

We will be taking a half hour tour of the Metro Transit Franklin Rail Support Facility. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the behind the scenes action of the Metro rail system. We will be seeing the maintenance operations, where they service, clean and prep the Light Rail Vehicles in the fleet.

Address: 1810 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis. You access the Site off Franklin and go north on 17th Avenue South. Go right over several sets of tracks to the parking lot. Please park in the middle of the lot. There may be several Do Not Enter signs that you pass, but it’s OK.

Time: 1900 or 7pm sharp tour starts, please be there 15 to 20 minutes early.

When: February 17

See you there!!!

Volunteerism & Stewardship (9626)

Hello Scouting families
We live in a crazy fast paced world! The more conveniences we have the more we try to pack activities
I know many families volunteer outside of scouting and that is AMAZING; Thank you for your service.
I know many families are required to put in “Volunteer hours” for sport programs and activities in which their children participate.

I am asking each family to reflect on the number of service hours they donate to scouting each year. Most ranks require a minimum of 6 hours per rank because Service is part of the scouting Motto…. “Do a Good Turn Daily”
What benefits does your scout get from scouting?
Leadership? Self Confidence? Personal Growth? Friendship? Outdoor skills?
St Odilia’s parish provides the following for 626
• Minimum 3 rooms each week for meeting time- Approximate Cost $12000.00/year. (this is calculated at $50/hour/room at the Shoreview community center)
• A storage room for our equipment- Approximate cost $250/month=$3000.00 (based on a 20x15 storage rental)
• A place to store our trailers-
• Men’s club provides scouts for hire for our Crew and Troop. To off-set individual camping expenses
• Women’s Club makes a yearly donation to offset out overhead expenses
• Based on our troop size this is a $200.00 value /scout from St Odilia
St Odilia’s sole purpose in supporting our troop is the BSA is a Great outlet for youth to develop necessary skills to lead a successful life.

What our Troops and Crew Receive from St Odilia exceeds what our own scouts brought in to the troop in wreath sales this year. The bottom line is the cost would go up significantly for each scout to participate in this program without the community of St Odilia’s support.

This is NOT about Religion. You do not need to be Catholic to be part of 626. 626 historically has had a large number of scouts from the parish. As word got out about how amazing our program is the demographics have changed some and we have fewer scouts from the parish. This is about continuing our successful Scouting program and showing our gratitude to our Charter Organization.
I am asking each family to reflect and see if they are able to free a few hours each year (3-4hours/scout) to give back to our Charter Organization. I know several families already do this- Thank you!
4 hours/scout is approximately 280 hours of service opportunity each year.
Service opportunities to show our gratitude are
Fall Festival (1.5 days)
Coffee and Donuts (3-4/year)
Men’s club Fish Fry (scouts for hire)
Men’s club Pancake Breakfast (scouts for hire)
Women’s Club Sales (3-4/year)
Musical ushering

Thank you for your reflection and supporting your scout by providing them the opportunity to live the scout Motto.
If you have questions please feel free to email me

Mrs Moe

“Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your actions, Your actions become your habits, Your habits become your values, Your values become your destiny.” Gandhi

Saturday, February 15, 2020

Musical Ushering

Please join us for a wonderful service opportunity. We are looking for scouts and parents to aid in ushering the parish musical ANNE OF GREEN GABLES this Sun Feb 23 at the 3:00 performance. You can watch the show for FREE and earn service hours at the same time. Attached is a sign up genius.

Thanks, Mrs. Moore
PS. If you are interested in ushering but can't make Sunday work....Contact me if you are interested in any of the other shows.

Wednesday, February 12, 2020

scoutbook access. Updates needed 9626 leaders

Hello Fellow Leaders
Please go under the home page to select the troop(s) and or crew you are associated with, then scroll down under the patrols and select the troop roster. Select your name and then update. This will connect you with all the new scouts under your admin rights that are related to your current role.
I have removed old people and edited some peoples rights.
If your rights have changed and you need access reinstated, please let me know.
By updating your profile I think this may help fix some of our issues as to why some people do not receive emails.... I think it may have to do with rights associated with a scout because our profiles are not updated each year...
I am keeping my fingers crossed this is the issue!
If you need help I can show you at the next meeting

Thank you!
Anne Moe

Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Feb 17th meeting off site

Good afternoon Parents and Scouts,
As part of our efforts to know more about the public transportation system ahead of our March campout Mr. Neisse would like to invite you to a half hour tour of the Metro Transit Franklin Rail Support Facility. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the behind the scenes action of the Metro rail system. We will be seeing the maintenance operations, where they service, clean and prep the Light Rail Vehicles in the fleet.

Address: 1810 East Franklin Avenue, Minneapolis. You access the Site off Franklin and go north on 17th Avenue South. Go right over several sets of tracks to the parking lot. Please park in the middle of the lot. There may be several Do Not Enter signs that you pass, but it’s OK.

Time: 1900 or 7pm sharp tour starts, please be there 15 to 20 minutes early.

When: February 17

See you there!!!

Monday, February 10, 2020

1st aid kits Money collection and progress check in

Hello Scouts and Parents
I am sending this email to see where you all are with you selling for your first aid kits.
Please bring any checks/money tonight so we can get them deposited.
If you are done selling and have product left please bring back any inventory and Check it in with me this evening.... DO NOT just set them next to me:). Thank you.
Mr Moore will be applying this money to your camp bucks account soon.

If you cannot make the meeting tonight please send me an email (and copy an adult/parent for 2 deep leadership if you are a scout)
please confirm the number of each type of kits you checked out, and number remaining. I want to make sure everyone gets the correct credit for them
We are going to try to reorganize so we can try selling these again this spring.

Thank you!

Mrs Moe
Committee Chair 626

Sunday, February 9, 2020

MEETING (Monday, 02/10/20, 7:00 PM)

Good morning, all! This next meeting is a very exiting one, as we will be fantasising about our own futures. All you need to come prepared with is a notebook and writing-utensil (your experience will be enhanced if you bring a device, although this is optional). If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reply or contact any adult necessary. We hope to see you all there!

PLC Staff

Scout Sunday HELP
Scott Sunday is still in need of volunteers for Mass at 11:00, AND coffee and donuts help.
Please sign up now or come for any time your available.