Monday, January 27, 2020

Snow Base is this weekend!

Good afternoon Intrepid explorers!

This weekend is time for Snow Base. I know you will have an AMAZING time out in the SNOW conquering the elements and having incredible adventure!
I have included links for general information and for each program. Please pay SPECIAL attention to the gear guide and NO COTTON.

Here is who we have signed up and the adult leaders and parents attending. I have listed the program cost by program and participant type. Please make arrangements with our Treasurer, Jason Moore to pay promptly and ASAP. If You're signed up here, we have ALREADY PAID the camp.

Snow huskies: Adult Leader: $0, Parent: $77, Scout: $77
Adult Leader: Mr. Neisse
Parents: Mrs. Zupancich and Mr. Engel
Scouts: Robby Arndt, Tyler Arndt, James Colby, Isabelle Engel, Huey Zupancich

Spearhead: Adult Leader: $0, Parent: $89, Scout: $89
Adult Leaders: Mr. Carrington, Mrs. Rafter
Scouts: Alex Carrington, Lydia McKinnon, Logan Neisse, Gabriel Robuck, Wyatt Wojtech

Sled Dogs: Adult Leader: $0, Parent: $89, Scout: $250
Adult Leader: Mrs. Carrington
Parent: Sarah Broton
Scouts: Troy Broton, Will Carrington, Charlie Moe, Isaac Moe

Proposed Timing:
Friday 5:30 PM Meet at St. O's having eaten
6 PM: LEAVE for Snow Base -
8:30 PM: Arrive and check in (Late)
9:45 PM Cracker Barrel
11:00 PM Lights Out (All sleep indoors)
Saturday: 8 AM Breakfast
Programs all day.
Saturday Night: Huskies inside, Spearhead Outside in shelters, Sled Dogs: Optional outside
Sunday: 7:45 Breakfast
Morning Activities
Banquet Lunch
1:30 PM Depart for Home
4:00PM Project return to St. O

Paul Blincow

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