Friday, January 31, 2020

SCOUT Sunday

Hello everybody! On February 9th, we have great opportunity for a some service hours. We will be helping serve coffee and donuts, along with being greeters, gift bearers, ushers, and a cross bearer during 11:00 mass. It is at St. Odilia School and there is a sign-up genius posted, we encourage you to go.

Monday, January 27, 2020

MEETING (Monday, 01/27/20)

Good afternoon, all. Today’s meeting marks the beginning of the next few weeks, focusing on the magnificent campout to be held in March. As the campout will be focusing heavily on the use of Public Transportation, we will be focusing on the better use of that within the next few meetings. We hope you all can come to learn a little bit about what this campout entails and how to use Public Transportation when you need it!
PLC Staff

*NOTE* Please bring a device to this meeting, as there will be a section of it dedicated to navigating a website.

Snow Base is this weekend!

Good afternoon Intrepid explorers!

This weekend is time for Snow Base. I know you will have an AMAZING time out in the SNOW conquering the elements and having incredible adventure!
I have included links for general information and for each program. Please pay SPECIAL attention to the gear guide and NO COTTON.

Here is who we have signed up and the adult leaders and parents attending. I have listed the program cost by program and participant type. Please make arrangements with our Treasurer, Jason Moore to pay promptly and ASAP. If You're signed up here, we have ALREADY PAID the camp.

Snow huskies: Adult Leader: $0, Parent: $77, Scout: $77
Adult Leader: Mr. Neisse
Parents: Mrs. Zupancich and Mr. Engel
Scouts: Robby Arndt, Tyler Arndt, James Colby, Isabelle Engel, Huey Zupancich

Spearhead: Adult Leader: $0, Parent: $89, Scout: $89
Adult Leaders: Mr. Carrington, Mrs. Rafter
Scouts: Alex Carrington, Lydia McKinnon, Logan Neisse, Gabriel Robuck, Wyatt Wojtech

Sled Dogs: Adult Leader: $0, Parent: $89, Scout: $250
Adult Leader: Mrs. Carrington
Parent: Sarah Broton
Scouts: Troy Broton, Will Carrington, Charlie Moe, Isaac Moe

Proposed Timing:
Friday 5:30 PM Meet at St. O's having eaten
6 PM: LEAVE for Snow Base -
8:30 PM: Arrive and check in (Late)
9:45 PM Cracker Barrel
11:00 PM Lights Out (All sleep indoors)
Saturday: 8 AM Breakfast
Programs all day.
Saturday Night: Huskies inside, Spearhead Outside in shelters, Sled Dogs: Optional outside
Sunday: 7:45 Breakfast
Morning Activities
Banquet Lunch
1:30 PM Depart for Home
4:00PM Project return to St. O

Paul Blincow

Friday, January 24, 2020

Service at Fall Festival

Hello all,
I have gotten a copy of the sign-in sheets from the Fall Festival. Many of the scout signed in but did not sign out. Others signed up (genius) but did not sign-in (sheet). I looked back at the sign up genius to confirm some and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt and rounded up when in doubt. Please let me know if I have overseen anyone. I believe it should be up to date now.
Thanks Mrs Moore

Fort Snelling Clean Up

On Saturday February 1st, from 9:00am to 12:00pm, we will be helping with the OA Fort Snelling clean up. We will clean up the cemetery by removing old Christmas wreaths and other materials Anyone is welcome to come. Meet at the “Activity Center” (a brown trailer) at the corner of LaBelle and Nelson Drives. Adults are encouraged bring wire cutters and/or sleds to pull piles of wreaths. We also need some adult drivers with open pickup trucks, trailers, etc., to dump the piled materials. Any OA youth or adult members willing to help as staff (free patch!) should arrive at 8:15 for instructions.

pancake breakfast

Hello Scouts! The Men's Club needs 6-8 of our finest scouts in uniform to help at the pancake breakfast this Sunday, January 26, 11:45-2:00 PM, St. Odilia. The Men's Club always donates money toward your Camp Credits!! Please review the available slots below and click on the button to sign up. Thank you!

Sorry for the very late notice.

Gary Nussbaum

Monday, January 20, 2020

Order Of Arrow Information Arrowman and Non Arrowman please read

Troop 9626,
The Annual Fort Snelling National Cemetery Wreath Clean up is Feb 1st starting at 9am. I will be going and invite all arrowmen, non arrowmen, their families and friends to help remove wreathes from Veterans Graves at Fort Snelling National Cemetery.

FEB 8th: Winter Banquet for Arrowmen Only
I am very pleased to announce that Troop 9626 has earned the Unit of Excellence Award from the Order of the Arrow. It has been many years since the lodge has been able to award this to a troop!! I am so very proud of each and everyone of you. I enjoy your enthusiasm, willingness to do service and your overwhelming attendance at chapter and lodge events!! Please join your fellow Arrowmen at the Winter Banquet when our troop will be awarded ! The link on the lodge website is now open.
Let me know if you have questions
Mrs Rafter

Saturday, January 18, 2020

PLC MEETING (Monday, 01/20/20)

Good morning, all, and happy (upcoming) MLK Day! We would like to tell you we will not be having a meeting on the 23rd of January. This will instead be a PLC meeting as well as a parent’s meeting. We however encourage everyone to read this email, just in case there’s any information that’s directed toward you.

Location of PLC and Parent Meeting: Shoreview Community Centre
Address: 4580 Victoria Street N. Shoreview, MN. 55126

Timing: PLC: 6:30-7:30 PM, Parent’s Meeting: 7:30-8:30 PM

Anyone with a position of responsibility (any responsibility) is highly encouraged to attend. The more the better, as we will be planning events and need people’s opinions.
Positions of Responsibilities:

SPL- Dante Donato
ASPL- Isaac Moe
All Patrol Leaders (Dorito Dolphin, Pirate, Nuclear Rubber Ducky, Reaper, Cowboy)- Liam Brochu, Alex Carrington, Gabriel Robuck, Wyatt Vojtech, Ayden Sturgis

Camping Coordinators (we need you for advance-planning on the March Campout)- Ayden Sturgis
Quartermaster- Matthew Higley
Troop Guides- Jack Blincow, Michael Kennedy
Service Coordinator- Max Larson
Chaplin’s Aid- Ed Krinke
Merit Badge Coordinator- Cormac McSherry
Webmaster- Troy Broton

If you have a position of responsibility, although yours is not listed above, we still encourage you to come to the meeting (we value your opinions, even though we may be too lazy to point you out)

We are also going to invite the following adults to take part in this PLC, including Jeffery Neisse and Brian Carrington (Troop Guides) and Colleen Moore (Service Coordinator).

Thank you all for reading this email. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to this email, or contact a specific adult if need be. We hope you have a wonderful rest of your week, and we will see you all in the next couple days/weeks!

Dante Donato, Isaac Moe, Mr. Blincow.

Friday, January 17, 2020

Committee/Parent Meeting Monday Jan 20th SHOREVIEW community center 730 pm

Hello Parents and Scouters
We will be holding our Committee/parent meeting at the Shoreview community center on Monday January 20th at 730 pm. There will be a PLC prior (as usual) at 630 at the community center as well. If you have never attended a committee meeting please consider coming. This is where we get information from our scouts as to their activities in the up coming weeks and months. Our job is to help bring their vision to fruition. It is an extremely rewarding opportunity to see our scouts reap the benefits from scouting that can only happen with your participation! No one person can accomplish all the goals of scouting by themselves.
If you are on a committee please fill out the following form for each of the positions you hold separately. This will help as others are looking for details on the form.
This form is viewable on a google form spread sheet. Please ask for access to viewing if you would like, but are not on a committee.

If you are a new parent with questions please feel free to come earlier during the PLC 630 and I would be happy to answer an questions, or send me an email.
If you have as interest in helping but are unsure of how to help we can ALWAYS use adult helpers, just send me an email or stop and chat with me and I will get you hooked up with someone who needs some help coordinating for our troop.
Thank you to Mrs Arndt and Mrs Higley for recently offering to help with our COH's! It is great to have your help in working with our scouts.

We will be looking at our up coming camping needs and planning out as spring will be into full swing shortly!
Tomahawk is also just around the corner.... ALL scouts will need a new History and Physical (H &P) SIGNED by their Doctor (the Long camping Form parts A B C) as our week at Tomahawk is in AUGUST this year and our current health forms on file are only good for 12 months and end July 2020. Please start planning now to get they scheduled. I know time passes quickly and clinics appointments slots get full for Summer Physicals.
The Troop calendar: If you use Google calendars or another online calendar, you can subscribe to otherwise it is on the front page of our website. We also try to keep scout book up to date as well….

Where can you find out what we’re doing (outside of coming to the meetings and basking in the experience)?
We post camp out and major event pictures here.

Troop Website:

I look forward to see you Monday!

Yours in scouting!

Anne Moe

“When a scout finds someone who takes an interest in him, he responds and follows.” Baden Powell

Upcoming events for Troop 9626 B and 7626 B:

Jan 20 - PLC 6:30pm @ Shoreview Community Center
Jan 20 - Parent Meeting 7:30pm @ Shoreview Community Center
Jan 27 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St Odilia's
Jan 27 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St Odilia's
Jan 31 - Snowbase campout.... see for event registration
Feb 01 - OA FORT SNELLING CLEANUP 9am @ Fort Snelling National Cemetery
Feb 03 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St Odilia's
Feb 09 - Scout Sunday- Coffee and Donuts 8am @ St Odilias. See sign up genius
Feb 10 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St Odilia's
Feb 17 - PLC 6:30pm @ Shoreview Community Center
Feb 17 - Parent Meeting 7:30pm @ Shoreview Community Center
Feb 24 - OA elections 7pm @ St. Odilia's cafeteria. Highly encouraged for all scouts to attend

Monday, January 13, 2020

Reminder: We're Sledding tonight. BRING A CUP!

we will be sledding at the U of M Golf Course (address and location info below)! The hill is incredibly thrilling, especially seeing as it’s a giant ice sheet. We will have hot chocolate available for the duration of our time, so BRING A CUP! We hope to see you all fly by in your plastic steeds-
PLC Staff.

2001 Fulham St.
Saint Paul, MN. 55113

SNOW BASE Signup is now open! Sign up ASAP for Feb 1-3

Good evening Troop! It's that time again when Minnesotans Go outside in the cold ON PURPOSE to have FUN!

We will have scouts in two programs: Snow Huskies for First YEar Scouts and Spearhead for experienced scouts.

First Year scouts: Snow Huskies is an introductory program designed to teach younger Scouts how to stay warm in the winter while having fun.
Activities Available: Cross Country Skiing, Snow Shoeing, Broomball, Winter Nature Hike, Human Foosball, Team Building Games, Orienteering, Winter Cooking, Parachute Shelter
Sleeping Outside: None
Cost: $77.00 for all participants ($67 Snow Base + $10 Troop fee)

All others: Spearhead is the first introduction to sleeping outside in the winter time. Learn how to stay warm and have fun! Choose from our long list of activities.
Activities Available: Winter Shelter Building, Ice Climbing, Kite Flying, Geocaching, Cross Country Skiing, Sled Shoot, Snow Shoeing, Broomball, Human Foosball, Team Building Games, Orienteering, Winter Cooking
Sleeping Outside: Sleep inside Friday night, outside Saturday Night. Chance to earn the Zero Hero award!
Cost: $89 ($79 Snow Base + $10 Troop Fee)

List of stuff provided by camp and what to bring :


DOG SLEDDING: We have three scouts who acted fast when the announcement came out last fall and are attending along with an adult. They have already been notified.

Mr. Blincow

Thursday, January 9, 2020

MEETING (Monday, 01/13/20)

Good evening, all. Up and coming on Monday of next week (following the ski trip), we will be sledding at the U of M Golf Course (address and location info below)! The hill is incredibly thrilling, especially seeing as it’s a giant ice sheet. We will have hot chocolate available for the duration of our time, so BRING A CUP! We hope to see you all fly by in your plastic steeds-
PLC Staff.

2001 Fulham St.
Saint Paul, MN. 55113

Areal View of location below:

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Ski Trip 2020 Info - Read Me

Good evening scouts

As you probably know we have the ski trip coming up this weekend. There is still time to sign up here -

Deadline is 5pm Wednesday, January 8, 2020.

The agenda is:


Eat before you come
Come to St. Odilia’s at 5:30 pm - we will be leaving at 6:00
Wear Class A uniforms
We are staying at Camp Kiwanis - the trip will take 45 min
Arrive around 6:45
Prep breakfast and lunch for Saturday
Cracker barrel, movie, games (Bring your favorite movie and/or game)
Lights out at 11:00


Wake up at 7:00 – breakfast at 8:00
Skiing at Trollhaugen starts at 9:30 am – be sure to have a buddy
Lunch at chalet from 11:00 to 1:00
Off hill at 3:00
Return briefly to Kiwanis for Class A
Mass at 5:30 in Taylors Falls
Pizza dinner after Mass
Prep Sunday breakfast and lunch
Movie, games
Lights out at 11:00


Wake up at 7:00 – breakfast at 8:00
Pack trailer, clean up cabin
Skiing at Wild Mt starts at 9:30 am – be sure to have a buddy
Lunch at 11:00 to 1:00
Off the ski hill at 3:00
Packed by 3:30
Back at St. Odilia’s around 4:30

Remember to pack warm clothes for on the Ski hill. Saturday's high temp is forecasted for 15*F.

Also bring sleeping bag, and pad/air mattress since we will be sleepng on the cabin floor.

If you are renting, you'll need to know your height and weight.

Yours in scouting,

Ayden Sturgis

camp SPL

Thursday, January 2, 2020


Where: Fort Snelling National Cemetery
When: Feb 1, 2020, 9am - 12pm (UTC-06:00) Central Time

February 1, 2020, Fort Snelling National Cemetery, Minneapolis, MN

MARK YOUR CALENDARS!!! One of the most satisfying projects the Order of the Arrow has even been a part of is the annual clean up of the Fort Snelling National Cemetery. This important place belongs to all of us and all our community. The OA will help clean up the cemetery by removing old Christmas wreathes and other materials and piling them along the roads for pickup.

All Scouts, Venturers, family or community members, and anyone else wishing to help are welcome on Saturday, February 1, 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM. Any OA youth or adult members willing to help as staff (free patch!) should arrive at 8:15 for instructions.

Fort Snelling National Cemetery is located at 7601 34th Avenue South in South Minneapolis. Meet at the “Activity Center” (a brown trailer) at the corner of LaBelle and Nelson Drives. Adults please bring wire cutters. Sleds can be useful to pull piles of wreaths. We also need some adult drivers with open pickup trucks, trailers, etc., to work with teams of older Scouts to pick up and dump the piled materials. Hot drinks
will be available in the trailer, but please bring your own cups! This is an all-outdoor event! Dress for the expected weather!

There's no advance registration. At check-in, we'll ask for a list of participants from each Unit. Anyone paying an optional fee of $1.00 per person will receive a patch for the activity!

Any changes in plans due to the weather will be posted on the Kaposia District website, or contact Kaposia OA Service Adviser Mark Ellenberger at 612-812-9269 or with any questions.

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Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Rescheduled locker cleanup: help wanted

Happy New Year everyone!

I am still looking for scouts to help with the storage room service project this Saturday the 4th! If you are able to sign up and help out, that would be greatly appreciated. We will have pizza for those scouts who decide to work both shifts. I hope to see you this weekend. Here is the link for the SignUpGenius:

Thank you for your help
Mason Anderson
Scout Project Manager