Thursday, November 7, 2019

Nov 11th Committee & Parent MTG 730-830 St Monica RM * Key information for recharter** please read

Greetings Parents of 626,

It is the time of year where we begin planning for the next year for our Troops and Crew. We are beginning the process to re-charter our units for 2020. On Monday, November 11th at 7:30 PM we will be meeting as a parent committee to discuss the re-charter process as well as the fees associated with the scouting programs.

As you may be aware there will be an increase in annual fees our unit is charged per scouter. In turn our unit will need to raise our annual re-charter fee to cover these increases. We will be raising the 2020 re-charter fee to $120.00 for the first scout in each family and $60.00 for each additional scout.

Another rate increase for 2021 is likely next year. In 2021 District has the option to add fees not to exceed National fees. This fee has not been set yet.
We are committed to offering the lowest price for all youth to partake in scouting while covering our costs.

Even with the discussion of increase cost in programing it is important to remember that the scouting program is an excellent value and provides so much for all of our Scouts. If you have concerns about the increases there are options available. Please reach out to your Scout Master, Crew Leader or the Committee Chair.

We encourage all parents to attend the meeting on Monday to review the plan for 2020 and welcome feedback and comments. In addition, we will be sending out a re-charter survey in the coming days. Please complete the survey to let us know your intentions for re-chartering your scout in 2020.

Thank you

Suzanne Carrington
Recharter Coordinator

Anne Moe
Committee Chair

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