Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Crystal Cave Campout (wee - alliteration)

Hey Troop 626,
This weekend is the cave campout at Eagle Cave in Wisconsin! It being a one-nighter doesn’t make this any less important, as we will be completing requirements for the Geology merit badge! I will attach a packing list here (), but I have some recommendations of my own for gear, and then some more info.
· Go to Goodwill, Savers, Dollar Store, ANYTHING CHEAP to buy some clothes and shoes for the weekend. Afterward, you can just pitch them into a dumpster!
· Leave your Magic cards at HOME for this, because they will get ruined.
· Bring protective gear like elbow and knee pads if you are planning to get up close and personal with rocks and tight spaces in the cave.
· Phones WILL be allowed on drives up and back, but NOT in the cave. They will be locked in a vehicle for the duration of the campout.
· Consider bringing spending money for the campout, because there will likely be merchandise, for any gas stations/bathroom breaks, and there is even a GAME ROOM, which was listed in the prices section, so I’m assuming there are arcade games.
· There is a 18-HOLE MINI GOLF course at the cave. It costs $2.50 to have unlimited play all weekend.
· There are so many areas in this cave that it’s physically impossible to go through them all in one weekend. Take this in stride, as that means there is a very wide variety of things to explore!
· There are some areas in the cave that are not for Claustrophobics. However, this isn’t all of them, so don’t fear!
· DON’T PEE IN THE CAVE: It’s dumb, but there is a STRICT rule against it, with punishment leading to being kicked out of the cave.
· LEAVE NO TRACE: Take only pictures, leave only memories. Please oblige to this, as one inch of stalactite grows every 25 years.
· Don’t bring your Class A to the campout, it will get ruined. Bring a Class B and call it a “Cave Dye”!

Have Fun and Be Prepared!
-Jack Blincow, Camp SPL

· Schedule
6:00 A.M. Saturday Morning: Arrive and get ready to depart
6:30 A.M. Get car assignments and depart
Sometime Between 7:00 and 10:30: Bathroom

Wake up, clean up, breakfast, go home, be back by 2:00 PM

Ben Jones
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