Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Wreath Sale Reminder - Final Sales Push!

2019 Wreath Sale
The annual wreath sale deadline is quickly approaching. All orders and money are due Monday Oct. 21.
As our primary fundraiser there is still time to get more orders. We are not participating in a sale at the Lions Club this year and will not have those profits. That means each sale you make means that much more. Have you?

Returned to houses if no one was home when you first started selling?
Advertised on your family's social media accounts? Remember to ask permission.
Called family and friends near and far? Wreaths can be shipped. The gift order form is attached and on our website: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1FdqwN6TnN5-DLLHCE4wZdu0myBqdRNIX

The long weekend is a great time to add to your orders. Hope you're able to get out selling.

See you on Monday with your completed, double checked form and money.

Reminder that we are asking all parents to stay while their scout’s order is verified. This is to make sure everything is correct and paid for.

Thank you for your support and especially to those that volunteered to help verify orders!

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