Thursday, September 26, 2019

2019 Wreath Sales Information

Good morning,
Monday night we kicked off our annual wreath fundraiser and scouts picked up their sales flyer, 2-part sales form and an information sheet. If you missed that meeting those forms will be available next Monday at the regular troop meeting. Or if you want them sooner, you can reply to this email and arrange a time to pick them up at my house.

Please review the information sheet for process and important due dates. Some things to highlight: All sales need to be recorded on the 2-part 11x17 sheet, not on the sales flyer. The 2-part sheet will be turned in and verified on October 21. The yellow copy will be returned to you as your sales receipt. All money for all sales is also due October 21. We cannot order wreaths that are not paid for.

Visit to see the full catalog. You can also download copies of the sales flyer and information sheet.

Our Troop’s goal is to fully support our annual budget with annual chartering dues and one annual required fundraiser, wreaths. If each scout sells at least $500 in product, we will make that goal! In addition to helping fund weekend camp outs, a cash bonus, having fun and meeting your neighbors, selling wreaths can help scouts improve their communication and salesmanship skills. If selling wreaths isn’t in your plans this fall, we are offering a guilt free, no questions asked, in lieu of wreath sales buyout option to support the annual operating costs. This guilt free, no questions asked, in lieu of wreath sales buy out is $175 and can be turned in on or before October 21.

We are also continuing to sell first aid kits from our spring/summer fundraiser and we partner with our Cub Scout Den to offer popcorn as well. If you are interested in selling either of those please contact Anne Moe for first aid kits and I can get you a popcorn order form. Popcorn orders and money are also due 10/21.

Thank you for supporting scouting!

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