Sunday, August 4, 2019

Back from Tomahawk Notes – Committee Meeting Monday in the Blincow family back yard at 7pm

Hello Troop families. We’re only just back from Tomahawk and now need to look ahead to our busy Fall season planning. I’ve tried to put as much info into one email so as not to bombard with multiple messages, so please scan this whole list for items that affect your scout.

Post Tomahawk items
If you have a Troop tent and/or a tarp, please click this link and follow the directions for care and cleaning of those items. ( We had a dry late week, so moisture should not be a challenge, but tents should be setup and swept out and then re-assembled, checking for all needed parts. There are now tags on the tent bags with a checklist of the items that should be included. Before returning the tent, please fill out the form on the website and provide information about the state of the tent you have. If the number on the bag does not match the number on the tent, please let us know that as well. Return the tent at any Scout activity before the end of the month, please. (

Tie Dye Shirts – If your scout came back with a white T-shirt in a plastic bag, they made a Tie Dye Troop shirt at camp. It will need to be rinsed and dried properly. I've linked instructions for how to care for the shirt for the first time.

You may find items you don’t recognize or are missing. Belongings get left everywhere or can be picked up by others accidentally. Please wash and return any items you don’t recognize. There were a number of personal items left behind at St. Os on Saturday. They are in one of the trailers and will be on display at the next Troop meeting.
Please speak with your scout about their experiences at camp. With 40 Scouts and a handful of adults, we can’t be everywhere at all times. If your Scout shares any experiences that create questions or concerns in your mind, please share them with us as leaders. We want to know their and your feedback.

The Troop Court of Honor is coming up on August 26th. Awards earned throughout the Summer and at camp will be awarded that night. More details to follow, soon. If your Scout did not complete their Merit Badges or have some last items to complete with regard to rank, there is a short window to complete them in time for awarding this month. We will host Boards of Review on Aug 12th for any needing them. After that night our Scouts and adults will begin preparing for the award ceremony so any awards submitted after that night may not be awarded in August. Many 1st year Scouts have Second Class requirements for Earning and Saving money and tracking physical activity that must be done at home. If you have questions, please reach out to one of the Scoutmasters.

Adult Committee and Parent Meeting on Monday night, Aug. 5th
Due to scheduling conflicts with many of our youth leaders, their PLC planning meeting happened on the drive back from camp. So, there is NO youth PLC meeting on Monday, Aug 5th. Parents and Adult Leaders are invited to attend our planning meeting in the Blincow back yard beginning at 7pm with a social event to follow. Bring a lawn chair and any beverages you wish to have or share. No children, please. The address is 2910 Hamline Ave N. in Roseville. It is the same home that wreaths were picked up the past 2 years.

A key focus for this month’s meeting is planning for the St. Odilia Fall Festival as well as our Fall Fundraiser. Your input and feedback are greatly appreciated.
For adult leaders with a position of responsibility, please complete the "Monthly Committee Check-In Form" by Monday night even if you cannot attend the meeting this month. ( This form will be our working "source of truth" for all who cannot attend the meetings. It will also give you the chance to give a report out if you are unable to attend.

Thank you all for a great Tomahawk week! Thank you for sharing your Scout with us and allowing us to give them a great experience. Thank you to the parents who visited and provided transportation. Thank you to the adult leaders who gave of their time to provide great, unique experiences that only Summer camp can provide.

Mike Bailey on behalf of the Troops and Crew Committee

Upcoming events for Troop 9626 B:

Aug 12 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Aug 19 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Aug 26 - Court Of Honor (Sucker Lake) 6:30pm @ St. Odilia Courtyard
Sep 02 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Sep 09 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Sep 16 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Sep 23 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Sep 30 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria

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