Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Tomahawk Prep Meeting - Monday July 15th (Please attend if you are signed up for camp)

Hello, Troop families. If you and/or Scout is attending Tomahawk in just a few short weeks, the next 2 Monday Troop meetings will have critical importance to attend. Please make every effort.
This coming Monday July 15th, Scouts will be presented with Animal and Weather Safety training. This training is mandatory for youth to receive prior to arriving at camp. If you miss this meeting, we will need you to arrive on our departure morning an additional 30 minutes early so you can still receive the training before we depart. Parents, we have a separate presentation for you this Monday to share information about how you can help your scout prepare for camp and how you can support them to have a great camp experience. This parent meeting is especially important if this is your Scout’s first Tomahawk experience, so please make every effort to attend. This parent meeting will be in the St. Monica’s room following the Troop meeting opening ceremony and announcements.

Over the next 2 Mondays, you can bring the completed BSA Health Forms, Parts A, B, and C as well as copies of your insurance card. Please remember, we need 2 PRINTED sets of all documents. We do NOT have access to a free printer or copier, so emailing us a scan or only bringing 1 copy presents a challenge for us. One set will be left at Tomahawk by WI state law. The other copy will remain in the Troop’s files for all scouting activities for the next year. (It is also a good idea to scan these as a backup, just in case.) All youth and adult participants up at camp for more than 72 hours needs to have the medical forms. The form can be downloaded, here.
You can also bring your Scout’s medications and instructions to turn in early as well. This will save time on our departure morning. Please follow the instructions provided in previous emails about medication. We have some very strict guidelines that we MUST follow as leaders to comply with WI state law and BSA guidelines.

New and used Class B (Grey Troop) T-Shirts will also be available at the next 2 meetings. Scouts attending Tomahawk must wear either their Tan, Class A uniform or the Grey Troop shirt when outside of our campsites at camp, unless they are at the beach. Please make sure that your Scout has 2-3 grey shirts that fit them, packed for camp. Each youth is given 1 new shirt in the spring of their 1st year in the Troop. If you have not yet received your new shirt, please request it at a meeting. You are also entitled to 1 free used shirt if we have one in a size that will work. Additional New shirts are only $7 to purchase and we have sizes from Youth Large to 4XL. If you have used shirts in good condition that no longer fit a scout in your family, we ask you to please donate them back to the Troop to distribute to those that can use them. If you have used shirts to turn in, you may select an equal number of larger used shirts to upgrade their size. We will travel to camp in our Class A, tan uniforms with Troop neckerchief. We will also have many meals and attend ceremonies in the tan uniforms while at camp. If anyone needs a new troop neckerchief, those can also be purchased for $7 at any meeting.

Finally, if you would like to visit us at camp, you are more than welcome, especially if your Scout would appreciate the support. We just need to know when you plan to be there so we can arrange for meals. Here is a link to tell us your plan.

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