Monday, July 22, 2019

Tomahawk final Details

Scouts! This is the final email for Tomahawk, confirmations and details are all listed here. Everyone (Including Scouts) should read this email to make sure everyone gets all the material they need and are sure with everything.

Mrs. Moe will be the Adult Leader in charge of all medical worries. Health Forms need to be turned in to Mrs. Moe with insurance cards on the front and back either at the troop meeting (July 22) or at the St. Odilia Parking Lot on the day we leave. You must bring two copies of the form, which should consist of completed copies of parts "A", "B" and "C". And front and back of your health insurance card. Medications should also be turned into Mrs. Moe on the day we leave, (Saturday, July 26th) which should be in their original bottles with labels, as well as the scout’s name on it.

Weather at Tomahawk on the week we are there is in the upper 70's to low 80's with a low of about 60. Though we do have nice temperatures all through the week there is quite a bit of rain expected, so everyone please make sure to bring your rain gear.

Emergency Contacts: You can call or text Mr. Blincow at (612)-812-6170, Mr. Bailey at (651)-797-9100, Mrs. Rafter at (612)-296-9256 or the Emergency Landline at the Tomahawk Administration office, at (715)-354-3841. Text messages are usually known to get through easier than phone calls as our reception is limited around the area. If you have called and could not successfully make the call, we would ask you to please wait about three hours for a return call from either, as they might not be in a range with good reception.

Any scouts who did not complete the swim tests at the meetings offered will have the opportunity to do them at Tomahawk.

For packing, your gear should be in a waterproof plastic bin as it will stay near your tent all week. For what to pack, please see the packing list attached to this email. Scouts should have a day-pack in which to carry with them all around Tomahawk, which should include the ten essentials, rain gear tops and bottoms, a flashlight, and water bottle, your Scout Handbook and maybe a book for a fun way of passing time.

If anyone has any restrictions to food for any reason, please don't hesitate to contact Mrs. Rafter and she will make it known to the Tomahawk Staff.


Saturday Morning (July 27)
8:00 AM- Drivers and Adult/Scout Leaders should arrive, giving enough time to prepare and exchange any last-minute information.
8:15 AM- People who did not receive Bear/Weather Training at the meeting, please arrive at this time. It is imperative that you do so, so as not to delay when we're scheduled to leave.
8:30 AM- All scouts need to arrive at this time in Class A Uniform with neckerchief. There will be a little time to organize gear and check in with Ryan Moore and Erika Colby, your SPL's for Tomahawk.
9:00 AM- Mrs. Moe will be collecting all medication at this time. This would also be the last few minutes people can put their bins inside the trailer.
9:15 AM- Scouts form up to receive any further information including car assignments from your SPL's.
9:30 AM- Troop departs for Tomahawk.

Saturday Afternoon (August 3)
12:00-1:00 PM- Troop arrives back at St. Odilia Parking Lot. WE will have your scout call you when we leave Tomahawk with an ETA.

We are stopping at a park for a picnic, so no money will be needed for lunch purposes.

Scouts might want to bring some good spending money, as there is a trading post in which Scouts can buy candy and souvenirs during their free time.

If anyone has any questions about any logistics or other purposes, don't hesitate to contact these people via Scoutbook:
Ryan Moore
Erika Colby
Dante Donato

We hope you all pack well and we hope you have a wonderful scouting experience!

Ryan Moore
Erika Colby
Dante Donato
Mr. Blincow
Mrs. Rafter
Mr. Bailey
Mrs. Hashmi
Mrs. Moe

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