Sunday, July 21, 2019

Calling all missing gear! Final Meeting before Tomahawk. Parents and Scouts please come

In preparation for tomahawk we are looking for any and all missing tents that scouts may still have yet to turn in. We are also missing loaner backpacks that were loaned for the june camp. Mr. Hills' Gregory pack + both of Mr. Smith's Backpacks which were loaned at the June campout. Please make a great effort to return them before we leave on saturday morning especially the tents.

Matthew Higley QM

Parents and scouts going to Tomahawk, PLEASE come tomorrow night. We need your help.

Parents: We will have stations for health forms and medication, emergency contact information, and plastic-dip utensils.

Scouts: We will do final prep on the Beaver Boxes, have a Tent demo, and pack the trailer.

Mr. Blincow

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