Tuesday, July 16, 2019

ACTION REQUIRED: Tomahawk Health Forms and Med list

Hello Parents and Scouter
I know you have received several emails over the last few weeks regarding Tomahawk. I am hopeful that this will be the last regarding health forms.
I have entered everyone's health forms under your scouts profile. (You can also manage and update this under the profile tab, it does not require additional access in scout book)
This will allow leadership to easily search for health forms for future camp outs and make sure we are compliant.
We have 39 scouts and 22 scouters attending Tomahawk this year for a total of 71! That is a lot to track for a few people.
Each ANNUAL health form is good for 1 year until the END of the month it is dated. Please review scout book to see if you require new forms; Camp goes until AUGUST 3rd 2019: your health form would need to be dated 8/1/18 to be used for Tomahawk this year. BSA frequently asked questions about health forms can be found here;
Remember part C REQUIRES a health care provider exam and signature; this form is needed for camps > 72 hours
I have received several single copies of health forms. We will leave 1 copy at Tomahawk; this is a STATE LAW FOR WI. (71X5=lost of $$ on photo copying for the troop or a generous volunteer.) It makes it much more manageable for each family to manage their own copying and tracking. Thank you for your help.
Health forms A & B MUST be completed in full and/or attach a copy of immunization records

Please review ANY medication with the person collecting health forms. We keep a medication LOG per WI STATE LAW that is turned in at the end of camp. ALL medications should come with their most recent ORIGINAL LABEL if it is a prescription.
Please send Over The Counter (OTC) medication in the original bottle with your child's name on it and make sure it is not expired.
Lastly, please review any medical conditions, symptoms or change you think the staff should be aware of prior to camp.

We want to be able to provide your scout with the BEST possible care while they are with us!
Lastly, we recommend that your Scan or make an additional copies so you have them if they are required for a future camp.

Thank you for your cooperation!
I will be collecting Forms again July 22nd and I am looking forward to seeing you!


Anne Moe

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