Tuesday, June 25, 2019

New High School Patrol in Troop 9626

Hello, High School Scouts. I’m writing to welcome you all to the newly created Cowboys Patrol in Troop 9626. The PLC and Troop Committee has been discussing how to better structure our mixed ages patrols this spring. The large number of High School Scouts who attend meetings very infrequently, while still counting on our traditional patrol rosters has made it challenging to manage inter-patrol activities. We also received feedback from some of you that being tied to patrols with 5-6 grade Scouts can be frustrating at times.

So, to coincide with this spring’s distribution of Brownsea Scouts into the mix aged patrols, we have moved all Scouts who have completed 9th grade and above into their own patrol. Those among you who attended the meeting last night elected Liam Brochu as your patrol leader and chose a patrol name of Cowboys or “Boys” for short. We are working to get new patrol patches for you if you choose to put it on your uniform.

The primary goal for this new patrol is to allow you to gather as a patrol and discuss goals and issues more related to your Scouting experience. The other goal is to allow you to provide mentoring and guidance to ALL other patrols as needed during Scouting activities. During campouts, if we are cooking as patrols and there are enough of you attending, you will be able to operate separately from the other patrols. But, where needed, we will call upon you to provide your experience and advice to the Camp SPL, the Troop SPL and ASPL and/or Patrol Leaders as they work to lead our Troop. You can even plan and run your own Patrol activities if you choose and you won't be leaving out the other Scouts because they can choose their own Patrol activities as well.

Another benefit to this change is that in Scoutbook, it will be much easier to communicate with you as your own group as well as allow you to all communicate with each other as needed. Parents, if your Scout does not already have their own access to Scoutbook, we encourage you to go to their Profile page and scroll to the bottom and click the link to grant them their own access to Scoutbook. The only user who can grant this access is you as their parent. There are many benefits to Scouts having their own access and all Scouts in this patrol are old enough for their own free cloud-based email account.

As with any changes we make to our Scouting Program, we will work through challenges as they arise and will be seeking feedback as we proceed to evaluate further changes.

As always, please make an effort to attend weekly meetings and provide your guidance to our younger scouts, just as the scouts who preceded you in this program provided guidance to you. We will work to communicate how upcoming meetings are relevant to you from an activity standpoint. As you need Eagle Coaching guidance, Mr. Smith and Mr. Bailey will make every effort to be available on meeting nights, but we would prefer to meet with you prior to meetings so that you can be present at the meetings, themselves.

Looking forward to a great Summer of Scouting!

Mr. Bailey
ASM and Eagle Coach

Upcoming events for Troop 9626 B:

Jul 01 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Jul 08 - PLC 6:30pm @ St. Odilia's School
Jul 08 - Committee Meeting 7:30pm @ St. Odilia St. Monica's Room
Jul 15 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Jul 22 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Jul 27-Aug 03 - Tomahawk 5:30pm @ Tomahawk Scout reservations
Aug 05 - PLC 6:30pm @ St. Odilia's School
Aug 05 - Committee Meeting 7:30pm @ St. Odilia St. Monica's Room
Aug 12 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Aug 19 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria

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