Monday, May 20, 2019

Tonight: Patrol Elections, Parent help unloading Trailer, TENTS, Black Hills Planning (BAckpacking, Food)

We have a busy night tonight:

1) Parent Help Needed: We need some parents to help unload the Loftus trailer and troop trailer and put stuff away. Thank you to Mr. Loftus for loaning us your trailer so we could attend BOTH events in a single weekend.

2) Patrol Elections: Come and vote for your new Patrol Leader. The Patrol leader helps run the patrol and brings your interests to the PLC where they help plan the awesome meetings and outings. Those First Class and above are eligible. This is a Position of Responsibility that counts towards advancement and each patrol MUST have a Patrol leader.

3) TENTS, TENTS, TENTS: If you took a tent home last night and managed to get it completely dry and repacked, we will take it back. If it's NOT dry yet, It is important to keep the equipment in good condition that it gets dried and cleaned before you return it at a Troop meeting but we need them ASAP. There is an article on the website on tent care. There is also a link on this page to fill out a form to let us know about the condition the tent is in before you return it. Please fill it out even if the tent is in perfect condition so we have record of it.

4) Backpacking presentation: Ryan, Dante, and Mr. Hills will be presenting on Backpacking in preparation for our South Dakota trip!

5) Food Prep for South Dakota: do you like to eat well? You'll want to help plan!


Paul Blincow

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