Thursday, May 30, 2019

SD trip health forms and Medications

Hello Scouts, Scouters and Parents
Our trip to South Dakota is just around the corner!
We will be Collecting Health Forms, Medications and loading the trailers on Friday night
Health Forms applies to ALL (PARENTS, SIBLINGS, SCOUTS and LEADERS) participants—in basic Scouting activities such as local tours and weekend camping trips less than 72 hours in duration. I have attached the necessary form. Please also bring a current photo copy of insurance cards.
If you were at the last campout in MAY we have your health form on file.
Please Bring this form Either MONDAY or FRIDAY night. We do not want to have to delay our long drive by checking health forms and medications on Saturday AM
Please bring your Scouts' medication for the trip on Friday night as well.
You should send enough medication for the trip with a few extra pills; Not the entire quantity. Please bring all medications to be administered in their original bottles. The bottles contain all necessary information if it is needed.
You may consider asking your pharmacy for smaller sized bottles with labels that you can send on scouting trips. Your pharmacy is always willing to print a CURRENT label for medications.
There will be a table on FRIDAY night to drop off health forms and medications.
I will be at the meeting on Monday night if you have questions.
Thank you ahead of time for our cooperation.


Anne Moe

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