Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Monday Meeting Hike to DQ


Starting on monday, at 6:30 we will be doing a hike to dairy queen. it will probably end at eight thirty.
Pack like you are going on the overnight hike, but Only pack the packing list below, money for dairy queen, and the ten essentials.
The hike will be around three miles in all. I would suggest you come early so we can prepare before the hike.
I hope to see you there.
- Hiking Boots
- Two pairs of socks
- One extra pair of pants and shirt
- Sleeping pad
- Sleeping bag
- Two Nalgenes of water full.
- One rain coat
- One warm layer
- Mess kit
- Small first aid kit
- Compass for everyone
+ 10 essentials:

- If you have hiking boots you've outgrown to donate, please being them
- TENTS: We need ALL Troop tents back ASAP
- If you have a hiking backpack to loan, please bring it
Phoenix Mordick
Camp SPL

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