Tuesday, May 14, 2019

2 Spots still open for Ripley this weekend for only $35 each - Also Ripley Prep Notes

We still have 2 open spots on our Troop roster for Camp Ripley this weekend. If you are interested, we are offering a reduced cost of only $35 to join us. The spots have already been paid for by the Troop, so we would prefer to have participants vs. leaving the spots open. This opportunity is only offered once every 4 years. Please reply to this email to sign up.

For those who are joining us this weekend, here are your Ripley Camping Prep and Final Notes:

We will meet in the back parking lot of St. Odilia at 5:00 on Friday and will be leaving at 5:30. We need to leave on time to make it up there and setup before dark.
We plan to return to St. Odilia on Sunday by 1pm. As a note, we will be attending Catholic mass at camp early Sunday morning. No electronics on the ride for this campout.

Scouts need their Full Class A's including scarves for the ride as well as Saturday evening program and Sunday mass. All Scouts should also bring a Class B T-Shirt for activities on Saturday to wear over a long sleeve shirt if needed. We have been specifically advised NOT to wear any camouflage clothing. If you do not have a Class B T-Shirt yet, please reply with the T-Shirt size, keeping in mind Scouts usually grow.

Rain is expected both Saturday and Sunday with temps only in the 40s. A full rain suit is a must to stay dry and warm as possible. Walmart has Frog Toggs rain suits for only $20 if you need to pick one up before Friday. If they do not have waterproof footwear, Scouts are encouraged to bring their winter boots along with their normal footwear, so they will always have something dry to wear. Extra changes of clothes, including socks is a great idea for comfort and safety. No reason to pack light for this trip.

A Day Pack will also be needed to carry water, rain gear and other supplies around during activities. Having the day pack in the car with a full water bottle and flashlight on the way up to camp would be a good idea.

If this is your first camping experience with the Troop, the BSA Health Form is required for ALL attending members, youth and adult. They will not let us in camp without forms for all participants. Only parts A&B are needed to be filled out and signed. The form can be downloaded at this link. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_AB.pdf If you have camped with the Troop, we have your health form on file and will bring it for you.

Here is a list of recommended gear:
• Clothing appropriate for temps in the 40s and 50s including extra clothing to change into when wet or cold.
• Personal hygiene items
• Flashlight
• Extra Footwear
• Personal Medication
• Health Forms
• Rain Gear
• Sleeping Bags
• Sleeping mat
• Water Bottle
• Tick/bug Repellent
Optional Items:
• Money for Trading Post
• Pillow
• Gloves and hat
• Camera

See you all Friday!

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