Friday, April 19, 2019

Sterling Hills Eagle Project Sign up May 2 and May 4

Hey Everyone,

The Faith Formation Building, on the west side of St. Odilia's parking lot, has two external staircases that need to be rebuilt. The stairs and railing are falling apart and my Eagle Project is to take out all of the rickety materials and replace them with some top notch composite decking as well as reinforce the stairs.

I am having two work days, Thursday May 2nd and Saturday May 4th. May 2nd will be for the teardown of the existing materials, and May 4th will be for construction.

In order to follow the BSA rules for tools, only scouts 14 and up can use power tools. However, younger scouts will still be able to help.

Cane's chicken will be provided :)

Please sign up here:

Thank you,

Sterling Hills

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