Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Service: set up and take down church sale this weekend

The St. Odilia Parish gives our troop many opputunties within the school, so this weekend we will be giving back to them by helping out at the jewelry sale! We will be helping set it up and take it down, on Friday (5/3/19) and Sunday (5/5/19).Please show up ready to work for your shift, wearing Class A's. At minimum, we need four scouts to make the work go by quickly, and one adult. That being said, if there are no spots availible, feel free to show up, and you will get the service hours as well.

Sign up here:

Sam Blincow

Monday, April 22, 2019

Brownsea Camp Need to Know!!!

Brown Sea,

Good afternoon Brownsea campers, this weekend we will be going to Brown Sea campout
Check in will be at 5:00 and we will be leaving at 5:30.
Items to bring:
-You will be wearing your class A shirts on the way there and back
-Clothes, it’s going to be cold and rainy so bring warm dry clothes, rain jacket and coat
-hiking shoes
-sleeping bags and pads
-mess kits
-back pack
-pocket knife
-first aid kit
You will be back by noon on Sunday
Adventure teen, you can bring your own bow and sporting arrows only and for sure bring a compass.
Yours in scouting, Ayden Sturgis

Friday, April 19, 2019

Sterling Hills Eagle Project Sign up May 2 and May 4

Hey Everyone,

The Faith Formation Building, on the west side of St. Odilia's parking lot, has two external staircases that need to be rebuilt. The stairs and railing are falling apart and my Eagle Project is to take out all of the rickety materials and replace them with some top notch composite decking as well as reinforce the stairs.

I am having two work days, Thursday May 2nd and Saturday May 4th. May 2nd will be for the teardown of the existing materials, and May 4th will be for construction.

In order to follow the BSA rules for tools, only scouts 14 and up can use power tools. However, younger scouts will still be able to help.

Cane's chicken will be provided :)

Please sign up here:

Thank you,

Sterling Hills

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Last Chance to sign up for Brownsea Camp – June Camp Registration is now Open!

Brownsea Camp Info
Menus are planned, now we need a final count for Brownsea Camp happening Friday night, April 27th through Sunday morning, April 29th. The list of registered participants is at the bottom of this email. Please double-check the list to be sure we have you recorded. If you have not registered by Thursday evening, we will not be counting you for food. With the planned Patrol Cooking at Brownsea camp, everyone participating should plan to attend the shopping night, next week. We will meet at St. Odilia at 6:30 to shop from the Scout Storage before we proceed to Cub Foods on Lexington to complete the food shopping. This is an advancement requirement for Rank, but more importantly, if you want a say in what food you will be eating, you should help shop for the ingredients.
If you did not receive your Troop T-Shirt at last night’s meeting, you can get one at the shopping night. More information about the Troop shirts can be found on the website. http://www.scouting626.com/camping/buying-guide/troop626class-bt-shirts

June Camp Registration is now open.
The Scouting626.com website now has information on the June extended weekend campout to the Black Hills of South Dakota and the registration form is now active to collect information. We will plan to leave early the morning of Saturday, June 8th and will be returning late evening on Tuesday, June 11th. This is the weekend that all Scouts will be out of school and hopefully before Summer Sports begin. http://www.scouting626.com/camping/camping-events/june2019-blackhills

Current Brownsea Registrants
Jack Blincow
Sam Blincow
Maximus Gregory
Charlie Moe
Isaac Moe
Troy Broton
Logan Neisse
Ayden Sturgis
Kai Stemm
Phoenix Mordick
Jackson Ling
Alexader Carrington
William Carrington
Michael Kennedy
Andrew Higley
Liam Brochu
Lucas Brochu
Anthony Black
Hunter Moore
Eli Jones
Sam Jones
Benjamin Jones
Aaron Rodenberg
Eric McFeters
David Mordick
Paul Blincow
Brian Carrington
Karen Rafter
Thomas Hills

Friday, April 12, 2019

Busy Scouting weekend, Signup opportunities.

Good morning Troop and Crew,

We're blessed with a weekend FULL of scouting opportunities. PLEASE consider signing up for and helping out where you can.

HELP NEEDED: ALL scouts welcome! Sale setup 7pm St. Odilia Gym.
If you check and it's full, that's our minimum. EXTRA help makes the work go faster.

16+ Help welcome:Bench Project Cutting 6p-10p

FULL: Bench Project 8a-Noon, Loftus Warehouse.

SCUBA CREW HELP NEEDED: Sell First Aid Kits at the St. O's Spring Sale 12-2p or 2-4p.
Please limit this to SCUBA crew to let them fund their awesome high adventure.

FULL: Bench Project 1p-5p

SCUBA CREW HELP NEEDED: Cub Foods Bagging Fundraiser 10a-6p
Please limit this to SCUBA crew to let them fund their awesome high adventure.

Help Welcome: Church Sale Cleanup. 2pm - All Scouts Welcome
If you check and it's full, that's our minimum. EXTRA help makes the work go faster.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

LAST CALL for early Tomahawk Signup


If you plan on going to Tomahawk and (especially) are interested in the more popular programs - water sports, high adventure, ATV riding, etc. - please sign up by end of day Friday. You can sign up after this, but a $10 late fee will be assessed (NOT for Brownsea scouts but for everybody else) and the high-demand merit badges and programs may be full.

If you have not yet paid your $25, you can pay at this Monday's (April 15) troop meeting.

Links to merit badge and high adventure signups can be found in the Tomahawk Summer camp section of the scouting626.com website.

Ms. Hashmi

Help needed: quick service this weekend Friday night and Sunday afternoon

We have been asked to give back to our chartered organization by helping set up and take down of the annual Palm Sunday Boutique and Bake sale. The times are Friday, 4/12 6-7pm, and Sunday 4/14 form 2-3pm.

This service not only supports our local community but service hours will be awarded which are needed for advancement.

Please let me or Mr. Carrington if there are any questions.

Follow this link to sign up and confirm your service:

Thank you, Ben Jones

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Troop 626 Class-B T-Shirts available at the Troop meeting on Monday, April 15th

Hello, Troop families. With the upcoming Brownsea campout at the end of the month, we will be issuing all new Troop members their 1 Free Troop 626 Class-B T-Shirts and offering them for sale at the meeting for anyone wanting new shirts. New shirts are available for only $7 in sizes from Youth Medium through Adult 4XL. We also have a quantity of gently used shirts that families have donated back to the Troop which will be available for free, 1 per Scout. For more information on the Troop’s Class-B shirts, please take a look at the new Scouting626.com web page about them in the Buying Guide. It includes information about when and where we are likely to wear these shirts and information on a tie-dye shirt available to be customized at Tomahawk Summer Camp.

If you cannot make it to Monday’s meeting and have need for some additional shirts, please let Mike Bailey know and we will make arrangements to get you some. Also, if you have shirts that no longer fit your Scout, please consider donating them back to the Troop so that newer Scouting families can economically increase their inventory, especially ahead of Tomahawk Summer Camp.

Mike Bailey on behalf of the Troop Committee

Upcoming events for Troop 9626 B:

Apr 12 - Bench Building - Cutting 6pm @ 2370 Leibel St. White Bear Lake, MN. 55110
Apr 13 - Bench Building for Owen Loftus - Assembly Day 9am @ 2370 Leibel St. White Bear Lake, MN. 55110
Apr 14 - Bench Building for Owen - Finish 9am @ 2370 Leibel St. White Bear Lake, MN. 55110
Apr 15 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Apr 22 - Troop Meeting - Offsite 7pm @ St. Odilia Gym
Apr 26-28 - Brownsea camp out 5pm @ WWW.pba-cwk.org
Apr 29 - Patrol Leader's Council 6:30pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Apr 29 - Parents Meeting 7:30pm @ St. Odilia St. Monica's Room
May 06 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
May 13 - Spring Court of Honor 6:30pm @ St. Odilia Courtyard
May 17-19 - Ripely Rendezvous 5pm @ Camp Ripley
May 20 - Parent's Meeting 7:30pm @ St. Odilia St. Monica's Room
May 27 - No Meeting - Memorial Day 7pm
Jun 03 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria

Monday, April 8, 2019

Reminder: swimming, adults welcome, bring a recipe

We are meeting at the Shoreview Community Center Pool tonight. Parents are more than welcome to come and have fun with the troop!

Remember your camping food recipe is your ticket to swim. (That and $10 for the pool)

Meet Mr. Blincow by the front desk pool area and he will collect funds and pay.


Sunday, April 7, 2019

Reminder: Swimming Troop meeting

Event: Swimming Troop meeting
Where: Shoreview community center pool
When: Apr 8, 2019, 6:30pm - 8:15pm

To all scouts and their families!
This coming Monday from 6:30-8 pm we will be having our meeting at the Shoreview community center to have a fun swim night. The cost is $10 per scout. Please make sure to eat before coming as outside food is prohibited.

Shoreview community center: 4580 Victoria N., Shoreview, MN 55126

Your SPL,
Luke Wallisch

Please bring a printed camping recipe as your ticket

Speaker May 6th "Essential Skills to Calm Challenging Behaviors"

Hello Parents and Leaders
If you are planning on attending camping events or outing please consider attending the Speaker on May 6th. I am excited to welcome Samantha Moe, a very passionate, knowledgable and engaging speaker with a practical toolkit to help every adult have a positive interaction with a scout. How we interact with them during challenging situations can make all the difference for a positive experience for all.
Please see the attached flyer for more details. How to see you there!

Anne Moe

Saturday, April 6, 2019

First Aid Kit fundraising brochure

Attached is the pamphlet that I mentioned in the first e-mail... I'm not ruling out user error, but believe Scoutbook only let me include one attachment. We have hard copies available.

Safety never takes a holiday! First Aid Kits available now for Scout fundraiser

Happy Saturday, Scouts and Parents.

As communicated at the Troop meeting last week, we are ready to launch the First Aid Kit fundraiser. This is a fantastic opportunity to earn Camp Bucks – Scouts earn 1/3 of the selling price!

We are offering four kits: cost is only $30 for a well-stocked home kit or $15 for vehicle, outdoor or sports kits. Perfect time of year to be restocking boats, vehicles, backpacks, etc.

Attached is a PPT overview of the program and items for sale. Also attached is a soft copy of the pamphlet that many Scouts took home last week. A few things to know:
• We have the kits on-hand now; you should deliver while selling – just like the popcorn program
• You can pick up first aid kits now (even this weekend if you want); contact info is in the PPT and mine is also below; I’ll offer you a suggestion for what to start with
• Note that there are more items shown in the pamphlet than we are offering; we will NOT be placing another order for items that we do not have on-hand (“sell what you have”)
• First aid kits will be available for checkout at the Troop meeting on Monday, along with more printed pamphlets
• Participation is optional

We anticipate this program to sell out in about a month so if you intend to participate, I’d encourage you to start soon. With Tomahawk and other costly trips around the corner, I believe we have some highly motivated Scouts.


Friday, April 5, 2019

REMINDER - Sign up for Tomahawk by April 12; deposit needed by April 8

Parents and Scouts,

A quick check of signups shows that only ten scouts are signed up for Tomahawk 2019. Please sign up by Friday, April 12 for best consideration, especially the more popular programs that may fill up if you wait too long to sign up.

If you will be attending Tomahawk this year we will need a non-refundable $25 deposit by April 8.

The balance of $300 will be due by May 20.

You can make checks payable to "Troop 626" and they can be handed in to troop treasurer Jason Moore at any troop meeting. If Jason is not present there will be a marked green plastic drop box for all checks.

Credit card payments are also accepted by the troop, but please be advised that all such payments will incur an added fee of 2.75% to reimburse the fee charged to the troop on all credit card transactions.

Ms. Hashmi
(Tomahawk Coordinator)

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Swim night April 8 6:30-8 $10 Shoreview Community Center

To all scouts and their families!
This coming Monday from 6:30-8 pm we will be having our meeting at the Shoreview community center to have a fun swim night. The cost is $10 per scout. Please make sure to eat before coming as outside food is prohibited.

Shoreview community center: 4580 Victoria N., Shoreview, MN 55126

Your SPL,
Luke Wallisch

Please bring a printed camping recipe as your ticket

Monday, April 1, 2019

Service Project- Benches for Owen Loftus

Well, hello, all! On the weekend of April 12, 13 and 14 we will be making four benches in dedication to Owen Loftus to be sent to Tomahawk. ALL Scouts are welcome and all are encouraged to attend (Power-Tools limited to age 16+). Please see the sign-up link below for more information, and we hope to see you all there!
Dante Donato, Mr. Blincow, Mrs. Moore. 


Troop meeting tonight: dress for outside activities

In the fall Minnesotans wear coats at 40 degrees. In the Spring, we are tempted to wear shorts.

Please wear layers appropriate to be outside and active tonight.