Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Notice - Important Meetings for new Scout Parents the next 2 Mondays

Hello new Troop parents. I’m writing to let you know about 2 significant meetings coming up over the next 2 Mondays that we encourage you to make every effort to attend.

This coming Monday, February 18th, at the Shoreview Community Center in meeting room 204 at 6:30pm, we will be presenting a Scoutbook overview for new parents. I’ll also be asking your feedback on the new Troop website to get input on areas you feel we should provide more reference information for your benefit. Your Scouts are welcome to attend, but you can leave them home if that’s easier. Immediately following this meeting for new parents, we invite you to stay for our normal monthly Parent and Committee meeting where we discuss Troop business and how we can best fulfill the activity plan that our Scouts have come up with.

The following Monday, February 25th, during our normal Troop meeting, we will have a special presentation for new Scouts and Parents on Scout Camping. We will show you what needs to be packed and what equipment you might want to invest in from a quality and value standpoint ahead of the camping season ahead of us. March’s campout, we will be sleeping indoors. But we sleep outdoors as a Troop from April through October, so effective packing and equipment that will be useful across that range of temps and weather is critical for happy and comfortable Scouts at camp. Our Troop is well equipped and our leaders are great about lending out equipment to new (and forgetful) Scouts as they build up their camping equipment inventory. But, knowing what will be most useful now will help you keep an eye out for bargains and sales as we get closer to Spring outdoor camping.

Please plan to join us for both of these important meetings. As always, please reach out to Suzanne Carrington, our new member coordinator, or any of our Scout leaders with your questions and concerns.

Best regards,
Mike Bailey
Troop and Crew Committee Chair

Upcoming events for Troop 9626:

Feb 16 - OA Winter Banquet 6pm @ Base Camp, Fort Snelling, 201 Bloomington Road , Fort Snelling, MN
Feb 18 - Scoutbook Intro Training 6:30pm @ Shoreview Community Center Room 204
Feb 18 - Patrol Leader's Council 6:30pm @ Shoreview Community Center
Feb 18 - Parents Meeting 7:30pm @ Shoreview Community Center Room 204
Feb 25 - OA elections 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Mar 03 - Usher a Musical 2pm @ St. Odilia
Mar 04 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Mar 11 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Mar 18 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Mar 22-24 - Sterns Camp out and archery range 5pm @ Sterns County
Mar 25 - Patrol Leader's Council 6:30pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Mar 25 - Parent's Meeting 7:30pm @ Saint Odilia St. Monica's Room
Apr 01 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria
Apr 07 - Scouts hosting Coffee and Doughnuts following morning Masses 8am @ St. Odilia Courtyard
Apr 08 - Troop Meeting 7pm @ St. Odilia Cafeteria

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